Titan Scissors

Titan scissors : Manufacturers of hair shears for over 100 years, Titan Scissors is a world reference in hair shears. They use the best Japanese steel to design their hair scissors. Like thousands of hairdressers, opt for Titan scissors!

Titan Shears : Japanese Hair Shears

Are you looking for quality hair shears? Then you are in the right place! But how to choose your Titan Shears? First of all, size and shape are essential. Different shapes and sizes of scissors are available in our online store. But before that, here is the story of the Titan Scissors brand:

Titan scissors are little known but are appreciated by hairdressers around the world. They have been designing scissors for hairdressers since 1918, giving them unique experience in manufacturing professional hairdressing scissors. Titan Japanese Scissors a good value brand that will suit many hairdressing professionals. They are effective on dry hair and on damp hair. Remember to store your scissors dry, in their case for a longer lifespan.

The Advantages of Titan Hair Shears

If you are looking for good, inexpensive hairdressing scissors, Titan Scissors will be perfect for you! They shape their scissors by hand on high quality Japanese steel. This is the difference with Titan scissors , the quality of steel is a priority. Here are the main advantages of Titan scissors:

  • Japanese steels exclusively
  • Over 100 years of experience in scissors
  • Hand shaped and sharpened scissors
  • Very good value for money
  • Case and adjustment tool supplied with the scissors
  • Used by hairdressers around the world

Whether you are an experienced hairdresser or an apprentice hairdresser, Titan scissors could be right for you! They are light and easy to use. Hairdressers have discovered this brand for several years but it has been present in the rest of the world for several decades.

The Different Titan Scissors Available

Let's take the example of a pair of ergonomically shaped hair shears (offset rings) and size 6 inches. If these characteristics suit you, then look for scissors of the same type (like Kamisori Shears for exemple). Conversely , if you are used to straight scissors (aligned rings) in size 7 inches, then focus on characteristics of the same type.

By doing this, you will take few risks and you will be satisfied with your new pair of hair scissors. If you already know how to choose your scissors and have an idea of ​​what you are looking for, ignore this advice and rely on your hairdressing requirements.

Titan Shears : the Opinion of our Specialists

We have good feedback on Titan hair scissors , so it is a brand we recommend to hairdressers. By cutting with quality hair scissors you improve your comfort as a hairdresser and you will be able to develop your cutting techniques and improve, so it is essential to have good haircutting tools if you want to stay in the business of hairdressing and improving your skills.