Titan Scissors Damascus

Size: 5.5 inches
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Un SAV pour les coiffeurs.

Titan Damascus scissors are of superior quality. They are ideal for perfectionist hairdressers. The premium cutting edge provides a clean cut.

  • Japanese Damascus Steel : extreme purity
  • Offset shape : offset rings
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Removable finger rest

THE Titan Damascus scissors are made from Japanese Damascus steel. It is one of the best steels in the world for making hair scissors. Damascus steel is a mixture of steel and compacted polymer that increases the hardness of the steel. This is what allows you to create an edge that lasts for years without dulling. This Titan Scissors model is designed on Japanese Damascus steel to give you a unique cutting sensation. They are used in hair salons around the world. The screws are German to guarantee maximum and lasting tension on your blades. The edge of the blade (sharp edge) is handmade with traditional Japanese techniques.

The craftsmen who make Titan scissors take the time to perform quality sharpening so that your scissors last over time. If you are looking for good high-end hair scissors that are not too expensive, these Titan scissors could be perfect for you. Also discover the 2nd model of Titan Damascus 2 scissors which is also a high-end pair of scissors (always in Damascus steel to guarantee superior quality).

The history of Titan scissors:

Titan hair scissors represent over 100 years of experience in designing hair scissors. Not only do Titan hair scissors have quality cutting edges, they are also comfortable to hold and use. Titan Scissors uses the best Japanese steel to manufacture these high quality hair scissors. Japanese steels are carefully selected and enriched with cobalt or molybdenum so that the scissors maintain their sharpness and durability. Bearing screws serve to ensure smooth blade movement and easy maintenance.

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