The brands available on our online store are carefully selected. The objective is to offer hairdressers different ranges of scissors according to your needs, but only quality scissors! The partner brands were chosen because they are recognized throughout the world. Some of these brands have won competitions, others have been present in France for more than 20 years and appreciated by hairdressers.

Tondeo scissors

TONDEO : Precision by tradition. Innovation through passion.

"We have been living our passion for over 90 years. At Tondeo Solingen we develop hair scissors and superior quality blades . Each pair of Tondeo scissors is a unique piece combining the excellence of craftsmanship and the most innovative technologies. Each pair of Tondeo scissors is a perfect synergy between the mastery of design of professional hairdressing scissors and the personality of hairdressers". Manufacturers of hairdressing scissors for 90 years, Tondeo is a reference in the art of scissor making.

Takai hairdressing scissors

TAKAI : High-Tech Japanese scissors

Technological innovation for the selection of the best steels, the ergonomic design of High-tech Japanese scissors .

Respect for tradition for sharpening and polishing Takai scissors , entirely handmade by the Takai master sharpeners . Ancestral and most meticulous technique, convex sharpening Hamaguri Takai is a succession of 7 sharpening angles for extreme sharpness, combined with great cutting smoothness. Guaranteed cutting pleasure. 2 Hamaguri sharpenings are offered on all Takai scissors.

Jaguar hairdressing scissors

Jaguar : Inspiration in your hand

Hairdressing scissors superior quality, best quality/price ratio on the market. This is what distinguishes the Jaguar scissors . Leader in the market hairdressing scissors on a global scale, Jaguar uses the most advanced machinery for the design and production of their professional hairdressing scissors. However, the manual work of specialists is still essential today, more than 120 operations including several quality checks are carried out on each pair of Jaguar scissors . The designs created by Jaguar are simply stunning! No brand creates so many new, trendy scissor designs of the day.

Joewell hairdressing scissors

Joewell : Japanese scissors handmade in Japan

Since 1917, Tokosha in Japan has been manufacturing Joewell scissors which are recognized worldwide. Joewell is undoubtedly the most popular brand of Japanese hairdressing scissors internationally! In Japan, Europe, England, or even the USA, the quality of Joewell scissors is no longer to be demonstrated. Indeed, Joewell is a brand of the most timeless Japanese hairdressing scissors. This prestigious brand has crossed time and countries around the world without difficulty, for more than 100 years.

Hairdressing scissors Dune Scissors DUNE SCISSORS : There is bound to be a Dune that you will like!

Dune Scissors aims to offer hairdressers high-performance and durable hairdressing scissors. The Japanese steels used to design Dune Scissors are selected to guarantee hairdressers quality scissors. Dune Scissors were tested by dozens of hairdressers for 2 years before being released to the market. The Dune brand offers sharpening on all their scissors so you can keep them over time.