Thinning Scissors

Discover our selection of thinning scissors to carry out your thinning! This technique is very particular, it allows the hair to be thinned and thinned. This requires precision work on the part of the hairdresser and their scissors must be adapted. Choosing the right pair of thinning scissors is essential to give the cut the expected result!

The different Thinning Scissors Available

On the Myciseauxcoiffure store you will find several brands and models of thinning scissors for various needs of hairdressers. Some hairstylists are looking to remove a lot of volume by thinning, and others are just looking to tweak and finalize their haircuts. Here are the different brands of thinning scissors available in the store:

  • Takai Thinning Scissors : the assembly of the blades is reversed, traditional Japanese technique. This allows for gentle thinning that does not mark the hair.
  • Tondeo Thinning Scissors : they are suitable for beginners as well as experienced hairdressers and are suitable for all requirements. Remember to choose the range of Tondeo scissors that suits you.
  • Jaguar Thinning Scissors : inexpensive and good quality, they combine design and performance. Jaguar scissors are perfect if you have specific thinning requirements and would like to have the choice.
  • Dune Thinning Scissors : quality Japanese steel scissors are good value for money. They do not snag or pull hair when thinning.
  • Kamisori Thinning Scissors : in Japanese sculptor scissors, Kamisori has established itself thanks to its high quality scissors which glide naturally on all types of hair.
  • Joewell Thinning Scissors : high quality, Japanese Joewell scissors are renowned internationally, especially in England. With Joewell scissors, thinning is clean and precise.
  • Left handed Thinning Scissors : they are mounted to allow left-handed people to work comfortably. If you are left-handed, check that the thinning scissors model is designed for left-handed hairdressers.

You will notice that we only offer hairdressing scissors from brands reputable among hairdressers. Each of these brands is a reference in its field, and meets a specific need for hairdressing professionals.

How to Choose your Thinning Scissors?

Above all, your thinning scissors must be chosen according to your needs and your cutting habits. Hairdressing being an artistic profession, it is up to each hairdresser to know which hairdressing scissors will suit them best.

Taper density

To choose thinning scissors you must observe the spacing between each tooth. This is called “tapering density”. The wider the teeth are spaced, the more material and volume you remove with each scissor stroke. Conversely, the closer together the teeth are, the less material you remove.

If you are looking for scissors that have a small taper, you can choose a model with teeth close to each other. If you are looking for scissors that remove a lot of volume, then opt for scissors with spaced teeth.

Thinning Scissors (or texturizing scissors)

Thinning scissors are a category of hair scissors , that is to say they are made up of widely spaced teeth, which allow thinning and thinning haircuts by removing a lot of volume. Some hairdressers only use texturizing scissors to perform their haircuts because they are designed to remove more material than traditional thinning scissors.

They can be called “thinning scissors” or “texturizing scissors” because they are used to create textural effects on the hair. They should be used with caution because they remove more volume than usual thinning scissors.

Choose Thinning Scissors that Suit You!

Thanks to these details, all you have to do is choose the thinning scissors that suit you. Find the best models of hair thinning scissors at advantageous prices on the Myhairscissors store and give your haircuts the style you want!