Jaguar Gold Line Scissors

Jaguar Gold Line Hairdressing Scissors

Jaguar Gold Line scissors are renowned for their design and cutting performance. These are high quality Jaguar scissors! Discover our selection of Jaguar Gold Line scissors now.

Special Features of Jaguar Gold Line Scissors

Jaguar Gold Line scissors are appreciated for their good quality ratio but not only that! This is a range at Jaguar Solingen which has many advantages. Here are the main advantages of this range of hair scissors:

  • Exceptional designs
  • Design quality
  • Wide choice of scissors
  • Different shapes available
  • Antiallergic treatment

So you have understood, the Jaguar Gold Line scissors are aimed at experienced hairdressers. This is a range of scissors appreciated by hairdressing professionals.

The Different Types of Jaguar Gold Line Scissors Will help you Enhance your Haircuts!

As with all ranges of hair scissors, Jaguar Gold Line scissors have several types of scissors, but what are the differences between these types of scissors? And how to choose Jaguar scissors that suit you? Here are the different types of hair scissors available in the Jaguar Gold Line scissors range:

Hair cutting scissors : Known as “cutting scissors” or “hair shears”, they are essential for performing your haircuts. The shape is an important detail to be comfortable during your haircuts. Ergonomic shapes facilitate cutting techniques known as “slice” or “tapering/sliding”.

Thinning scissors : Known as “texturizing scissors” or “thinning scissors”, they are useful for finishing your haircuts. The thinning density is an important element in having thinning scissors that thin the volumes of hair that suit you. Most Jaguar carving scissors have the same tapering density.

Jaguar Gold Line Scissors: the Opinion of our Specialists

The Gold Line range from Jaguar Solingen is a range of hairdressing scissors that we recommend! Unlike entry-level scissors, and in the same way as the Jaguar Black Line scissors, these scissors are aimed at passionate hairdressers, who are looking for quality hairdressing scissors. Feedback from hairdressers is often positive. In addition, the different shapes available allow you to choose scissors that suit your hairdressing style. Now that you know everything about Jaguar scissors from the Gold line range, it's up to you to choose the scissors that suit you best!