Jagu'Art Scissors

Discover a range of Jaguar scissors dedicated to pretty hair scissors. The Jaguart collection is aimed at hairdressers who love Jaguar scissors with colorful coatings!

Advantages of Jagu'art Scissors

As you can see, the Jaguart collection is aimed at creative hairdressers who love patterned Jaguar scissors. But what are the advantages of this range of professional hairdressing scissors?

  • New designs every year
  • Different designs for every taste
  • Durable coating over time
  • Easy-to-use Jaguar scissors

Philosophy of the Jagu'art range

The Jagu'art collection is designed primarily for attractive designs. Finally some pretty Jaguar scissors, which cut efficiently over time. Each design available in this collection is worked according to current fashions. All Jagu'art hair scissors are made on the same model but have a colored coating unique to each pair of scissors. So all hairdressers can choose hair scissors that suit them! In the Jaguart range also discover the Jaguar Gold scissors which are the only scissors in the world to have gold-coated blades!

The different Scissors in the Jagu'art Range

The new Jaguart “Big City Life” collection is inspired by 4 major cities renowned around the world: Paris, Marrakech, Tokyo, Berlin. Some passionate hairdressers call them “Casa de papel” hair scissors in allusion to the legendary series!