Hair Scissors Sets

Hair scissors sets are perfect for hairdressers who are just starting out, or who simply want to buy quality equipment at a lower cost. Discover our selection of different hair scissors sets now!

Advantages of Professional Hair Scissors Sets

Many hairdressers equip themselves with hair scissors sets to perform their haircuts. Scissor sets are often known thanks to the “school sets” for apprentice hairdressers. However, there are different ranges of scissors in cutting tool sets. Best hair scissors are rarely available as a kit or cutting set. Buying a hair scissors set has several advantages, here are some of them:

  • Quality : Professional scissors and high quality blades often from the same range or collection.

  • Prices : Possibility of obtaining several hair scissors in the same set at a more attractive price.
  • Quantity : Investing in several hair scissors in a set allows you to work with all the equipment necessary for hairdressing (cutting scissors, thinning scissors, razors, etc.)
  • Durability : The scissors in the kits are sold with a protective pouch which allows the material to be stored safely.

Jaguar Hair Scissors Set

Jaguar hair scissors sets consist of scissor duos or matching Jaguar scissors + razor kits. The Jaguar scissors present in the kit are colored thanks to a quality coating which makes the Jaguar scissors original and successful. This coating protects the scissors and makes them durable over time. Jaguar hair scissors are made with the best steel available in Germany, they are ergonomic and pleasant to use.

Tondeo hair Scissors Set

Tondeo scissors sets are complete and available in a left-handed version. Tondeo Solingen manufactures 100% German hair scissors of superior quality! More than 120 manufacturing steps are necessary to make each pair of Tondeo scissors and strict quality control is established before each leaves the factory. Comfort and cutting pleasure guaranteed with your Tondeo scissors set!

Dune Hair Scissors Set

The Dune scissors sets consist of 2 pairs of scissors and a pouch to store and keep them. The models that make up the Dune scissors set are suitable for beginners and experienced professionals alike. Made with the best Japanese steel, these professional hair scissors have a smooth edge and are durable over time. They are affordable and offer excellent value for money!

Kamisori Hair Scissors Set

Kamisori scissors kits are aimed at hairdressing virtuosos! Kamisori Shears being a house of Japanese hair scissors, their scissors are of high quality! However, they thought of offering scissor kits to hairdressers so that every hairdressing professional will find what they are looking for at Kamisori.

Opt for a Hair Scissors Set to Have a Set of Hair Cutting Tools at a Good Price!

Now that you know more about hair scissor kits, you have everything you need to make the right choice! Find our selection of hair scissors sets at the best prices and trust the professional quality to work on your job as a hairdresser/barber in good conditions!