Tondeo A Line Scissors

Tondeo A-line scissors are designed for young hairdressers! These are good quality “Made in Germany” scissors at a reasonable price. Discover the Tondeo A line scissors now!

Our Tondeo A-line Hairdressing scissors

As you can see, the Todneo A Line range has few models. However, these are quality scissors that have proven themselves over the decades that hairdressers have been using! Many apprentice masters recommend Tondeo scissors to their apprentices. It's a sure value in the hairdressing industry. The Tondeo Spirit and Tondeo Spider models represent this range of scissors well: inexpensive and good quality!

Advantages of Tondeo A-Line Scissors

Little known, the Tondeo A Line scissors are in fact very popular with hairdressers! The range is little mentioned but many hairdressers use Tondeo A-line scissors to perform their haircuts. Here are the advantages of this range of Tondeo scissors:

  • Interesting value for money
  • Scissors 100% made in Germany
  • Different shapes/sizes available
  • Few colors, privileged performance
  • New products every year

In addition, they often have a fine tip to work on your haircuts with precision. The blades are quality and the cut is clean. So you can equip yourself with hair cutting tools at a reasonable price. If you are looking for top quality Tondeo scissors, discover the Tondeo C Line scissors !

Special Features of Tondeo A Line Scissors

Inexpensive, this range of Tondeo scissors is designed for hairdressers on small budgets who want good cutting tools! In fact, scissors from the Tondeo A Line range do not exceed $150. However, the downside is that the choice is limited in this range of scissors. For scissors designed and manufactured in Germany, prices remain reasonable. Remember that quality and German labor come at a cost. The Germans are also among the most experienced in the manufacture of professional hair scissors!