Joewell Shears

Joewell Japanese Shears

Discover the Joewell Japanese shears collection! Since 1920, Joewell has manufactured hair scissors used by hairdressers around the world. High quality, these scissors made in Japan offer rare performance.

Joewell Scissors: high-quality Japanese hair scissors

For almost 100 years, Joewell hair scissors have continued to evolve. They are of high quality and their exceptional sharpness gives them unrivaled performance. Joewell scissor models combine design and performance with extreme sensitivity. Joewell's goal? Cut hair without resistance for a clean and precise result. Joewell offers classic models of hair scissors , but also more original models colored thanks to a quality titanium coating. These colorful models will bring originality and pep to your living room, while remaining qualitative and efficient. All models are made with high-end Japanese steel.

Advantages of Joewell Japanese hair scissors

Joewell hair scissors are perfect for hairdressers looking for cutting performance and delicacy. Used by hairdressers around the world, they have proven themselves and have several advantages:

  • Scissors made in Japan
  • Nearly 100 years of experience
  • Internationally renowned brand
  • Razor sharp, suitable for thinning
  • Wide choice of Japanese scissors

All these advantages make Joewell one of the brands of hair scissors preferred by hairdressers. Joewell's objective is to offer hairdressers unique cutting ease to express their creativity. Joewell spans the ages by creating ever more efficient and powerful scissors!

Join the hairdressers who love Joewell shears

Hairdressing professionals know why they use the Joewell brand and not any other. Joewell scissors aim to improve the cutting performance of hairdressers by offering them hair scissors with astonishing cutting precision! Joewell hair scissors will follow your movements without any difficulty.