Ergonomic Scissors

Cutting hair with ergonomic hair scissors promotes the health of hairdressers! Using ergonomic scissors is recommended to hairdressers by health professionals. Discover our ergonomic scissors for hairdressers!

Advantages and Uses of Ergonomic Hair Scissors

Ergonomic hair scissors are increasingly popular with hairdressers. Indeed, by standing with the arm raised, the hairdresser can create health problems linked to his posture in the hairdressing salon. To solve the health problems linked to the use of hairdressing equipment, some scissor manufacturers have innovated in order to relieve hairdressers, here are some examples and advantages of ergonomic scissors that you will find on our online store:

  • Ergonomic Exthand scissors : Exthand scissors are the only hair scissors without rings! Indeed, Exthand Scissors has innovated to revolutionize the use of professional hair scissors.
  • Removable Kamisori shears : Thanks to the removable thumb ring, Kamisori offers hairdressers easy-to-use scissors. The removable ring follows the movement of your thumb, making your haircuts easier to work with.
  • Removable Jaguar scissors : The removable thumb ring allows hairdressers more dexterity when cutting hair. Thus, the movement of the wrist is natural and the hairdresser does not force the tendons.
  • Removable Tondeo scissors : Same principle for the Tondeo ergonomic scissors, but this time at the top of the range. The removable thumb ring follows the hairdresser's gestures to make their work easier.

Why Choose Ergonomic Hair Scissors?

Many hairdressers ask us about the usefulness and interest of using ergonomic hair scissors. Is it really effective and useful for the health of hairdressers? Yes and it’s proven! During haircuts, hairdressers constantly strain their tendons and muscles. Using ergonomic hair scissors makes hairdressers' gestures easier.

Whether Exthand scissors without rings or ergonomic scissors with removable thumb ring, it's the same principle, relieving the muscles and demands on hairdressers during their working time. Some brands of Japanese scissors offer models with removable thumb rings to combine performance and cutting comfort!

Financing or Reimbursement for Ergonomic Hair Scissors?

Previously (until 2019), it was possible for hairdressers to purchase a pair of ergonomic scissors in order to relieve their health at work in a hair salon. Unfortunately, the "Préciseo by Amelie" (only in France) assistance which supported ergonomic scissors for hairdressers was not extended to 2020 and 2021. It may be available for 2022 or 2023, inquire at your health insurance fund to find out if you are eligible for financing for ergonomic professional tools in order to relieve your health during your work as a hairdresser, you are not immune to having exceptional care and so a nice surprise.