Tondeo S Line Scissors

Tondeo S-Line scissors are high-end hair scissors! They are made at the Tondeo factory in Germany. Discover the Tondeo S-Line scissors!

Our Tondeo S Line Hair Scissors

In the Tondeo S-Line range of scissors you will find high-end models from Tondeo, it is also the best-known range from Tondeo Solingen! Here are different scissors available in the S-Line range:

  • Tondeo Supra Scissors
  • Tondeo Victory Scissors
  • Tondeo Seven Scissors
  • Tondeo Sattelite Scissors
  • Tondeo Rotation Scissors

There are other models in the Tondeo S-line range but these 5 scissor models are the most popular with hairdressers.

Advantages of Tondeo S Line Scissors

Tondeo S-Line scissors are made from high quality steel to increase the lifespan of your Tondeo scissors. In addition, Tondeo's attention to this range of scissors is special. Indeed, historically only Tondeo S-Line scissors existed. Since then, the catalog of haircutting tools has grown, giving way to other Tondeo hair scissors, the aim being to give hairdressers ever more choice. However, former hairdressers who are fans of Tondeo scissors are perfectly familiar with the S-Line range which contributed to the success of the brand several decades ago. Still high-end scissors, Tondeo Premium scissors are highly appreciated by hairdressers!

Special Features of Tondeo S Line Scissors

In this selection, you will find high-end Tondeo scissors, made in Germany, on high quality steel! The shapes available are particular, they are the ideal scissor shapes to facilitate haircuts by hairdressers. The Tondeo Victory scissors (best-seller in this range) are renowned throughout the world for their particular shape. Some hairdressers only use Tondeo Victory scissors to perform their haircuts. The ergonomic shape of this pair of scissors allows you to lower your arm during your cuts. This way, you will put less strain on your arm and shoulder and you will prioritize your health!