Tondeo C Line Scissors

The Tondeo C-Line scissors are the oldest hair scissors in the Tondeo collection! Discover the Tondeo C-Line scissors and enhance your haircuts!

Our Tondeo C-Line Hairdressing Scissors

The best-known models in the Tondeo C line range are the Century, Orea and Vegas which are essential models in this range of Tondeo scissors. The Tondeo Vegas and Tondeo Orea models are loved by hairdressers around the world!

Their ergonomic shape helps you perform your haircuts in good conditions. The cutting edges available on this range of scissors will help you perform all your cutting techniques without difficulty. Remember to maintain your Tondeo scissors to keep them in good condition for longer.

Advantages of Tondeo C-Line Scissors

Best value for money of the entire Tondeo collection, the Tondeo C Line scissors are versatile. They are aimed at experienced hairdressers who are looking for quality hairdressing scissors. Versatile, they are effective for all cutting methods. The ergonomics (offset or classic) are designed for hairdressing professionals. In addition, here are some advantages that will surely speak to you:

  • Quality checks before leaving the factory
  • Premium quality steel
  • Durable scissors over time
  • 100% German manufacturing
  • Iconic Tondeo scissor models

New Tondeo technologies are often applied to the brand's high-end models. However, some Tondeo C-line scissors may benefit from new features during the year! In a higher range, also discover the Tondeo E Line scissors !

Special Features of Tondeo C-Line Scissors

The Tondeo C Line scissors are mid-range from Tondeo Solingen. It is from this range that the scissors are carefully checked before leaving the factory, which considerably reduces potential manufacturing defects. the average price is reasonable so that each hairdresser can equip themselves with quality hairdressing scissors.

The different shapes available are suitable for different hairdressers. Opt for ergonomic scissors if you are used to them. Conversely, favor straight shapes if you have always used classic hair scissors. So every hairdresser can choose the size and shape that suits them, from the Tondeo C-line scissors range.