Tondeo Scissors

Discover the largest selection of Tondeo scissors ! Trust German quality and enhance your cuts with Tondeo hairdressing scissors. The Tondeo brand has been manufacturing scissors for hairdressers for over 90 years. Each Tondeo scissor is the result of excellent craftsmanship and innovative technologies to satisfy ever more hairdressers.

The advantages of Tondeo hairdressing scissors

Tondeo scissors combine quality and performance. They offer perfect ergonomics and maximum cutting comfort. Thanks to innovative machines, high-tech manufacturing, and manual checks on each pair of scissors before leaving the factory, Tondeo Solingen offers the best German hair scissors and guarantees impeccable quality!

All Tondeo scissors are made in Solingen, Germany. Tondeo Solingen has stood out from other scissor manufacturers by creating its own expertise! Here are some advantages of Tondeo scissors:

  • Made 100% in Germany, in the Tondeo factory in Solingen
  • Technological innovations for even more cutting pleasure
  • Up to 120 manufacturing steps for each pair of Tondeo scissors
  • Quality control on all Tondeo scissors before leaving the factory
  • Renewal of scissors every year to keep up to date

Expertise in hair scissors cannot be improvised. These advantages have made Tondeo Solingen a leading brand of hairdressing scissors in Europe for almost 100 years.

The 4 different shapes of Tondeo scissors

Ergonomics being at the center of the manufacturing of the models, Tondeo scissors have 4 different shapes . Thus, each hairdresser can choose the shape that suits them to be able to work in comfort, with good grip. This is essential to match your cutting tools. Here are the 4 different shapes of Tondeo scissors:

  1. Tondeo Classic Scissors : identical lower and upper blades, aligned rings and straight shape.
  2. Tondeo Chiro Scissors : optimized blade/branch proportion, which gives a “leverage” effect on the blades.
  3. Tondeo Ergonomic Scissors : offset rings to give the scissors a better grip, which allows you to work in a good posture.
  4. Tondeo Craene Scissors : particularly curved shape which relieves the arm and shoulder during your haircuts.

Hairdressing being an artistic profession, each hairdresser is different! It's up to you to choose the shape of scissors that best suits you from the different Tondeo scissors . Take inspiration from the shape of the hairdressing scissors you currently use if it suits you. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we advise each hairdresser according to their needs. Tondeo thinning scissors are also available in different shapes.

Enhance your haircuts with Tondeo hair scissors!

Whether you are an apprentice hairdresser or an experienced hairdressing professional, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the Tondeo range of scissors ! A multitude of models are available to meet all cutting requirements, while respecting the hairdressers' gestures. Find Tondeo hair scissors at the best price and choose the model that suits you best!