Tondeo Supra Textura texturizing scissors

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Opt for texturizing scissors to enhance your haircuts. This is the only model of thinning (texturizing) scissors from Tondeo. Remove up to 50% of material with this pair of scissors, use with caution.

  • Stainless steel : does not blacken, does not rust
  • Classic shape : traditional handling
  • 15 teeth (number of tapering teeth)
  • Tondeo S-Line scissors range
  • Texturizing scissors Tondeo Solingen

The Tondeo Supra Textura thinning scissors are aimed at hairdressing virtuosos who love texturizing scissors! They should be used with caution because you can remove up to 50% of the material! This is the only model of Tondeo scissors that allows you to sculpt the hair as much as you want. Finally, high-end hair scissors designed for demanding hairdressers! Enhance your haircuts with this pair of Tondeo texturising scissors. It will suit you like the large number of hairdressers who use them around the world. In the same range, discover the Tondeo Supra texturizing scissors (it's the same model with 2 thinning blades).

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