Tondeo Premium Scissors

Use Tondeo Premium scissors to enhance your haircuts! These are the best Tondeo scissors, aimed at demanding hairdressers. Discover our Tondeo Premium scissors!

Our Tondeo Premium Hair Shears

Above all, know that Tondeo Premium hair scissors are among the best Tondeo scissors and even among the best German hair scissors in the world! The scissor models in this range are high-end scissors intended for perfectionist hairdressers! Here are some iconic scissor models available in the Premium range:

  • Tondeo Mythos scissors
  • Tondeo Zentao scissors
  • Tondeo Earl scissors
  • Tondeo Sensation Scissors
  • Tondeo Countess Scissors

These models are renowned throughout the world for their exceptional cutting quality. They are real jewels for hairdressers!

Advantages of Tondeo Premium Scissors

If you are looking for high-end hair scissors, the Tondeo Premium scissors should please you! They are made only from high-end steel in order to last over time and to be refurbished if necessary. And yes, very few hairdressers know this, but premium range hair scissors can be refurbished, even after several years of use! They are comparable to Japanese hairdressing scissors which are high quality scissors, for example Takai scissors which are appreciated by demanding hairdressers.

Special Features of Tondeo Premium Scissors

As you can see, Tondeo Premium scissors are high-end scissors. But what are their particularities? First of all, they are designed for a long time so that you can keep them over time. The edge lasts and does not dull (as we can see on other ranges of scissors). In addition, they allow you to carry out finicky cutting techniques that require quality cutting tools! This is the case with Tondeo Premium scissors which are designed for hairdressing artists as well as hairdressing virtuosos!