Exthand scissors

When it comes to choosing hair scissors, quality, durability and comfort are essential criteria for hairdressers. Exthand scissors stand out for their innovative ergonomic design, offering unrivalled comfort. Discover how these scissors are redefining the standards of the hairdressing industry by focusing on the well-being of hairdressers.

The Ergonomic Innovation of Exthand Scissors

Exthand scissors offer an innovative, ergonomic approach to the design of professional hairdressing tools. By eliminating traditional rings, these scissors offer unique cutting comfort, revolutionizing the daily experience of hairdressers. Their ergonomic design is carefully studied to reduce muscle tension and improve efficiency, enabling hairdressers to concentrate fully on their art without suffering pain or discomfort.

Unique cutting comfort with Exthand scissors

Exthand is committed to providing professional hairdressers with cutting comfort. Designed specifically for the hairdresser's well-being during long working hours, these ergonomic scissors reduce the risk of muscular pain, enabling hairdressers to concentrate on their work without physical discomfort. Thanks to Exthand scissors, hairdressing professionals can enjoy a pleasant, pain-free cutting experience.

The distinctive advantages of Exthand scissors:

  • Significant reduction in muscle tension
  • Improved efficiency thanks to intuitive design
  • Prevention of cutting posture-related injuries
  • Increased concentration on creating hairstyles

With Exthand scissors, hairdressers can concentrate on their craft, knowing they have a tool that not only improves their performance, but also takes care of their physical well-being with every haircut!

An effective pain relief solution

Exthand scissors are an effective solution for hairdressers faced with chronic muscular pain. With their innovative approach and ergonomic design, these scissors have demonstrated their ability to reduce, if not totally eliminate, the pain associated with using traditional scissors. By adapting intuitively to the morphology of the hand, these scissors offer lasting relief to hairdressers, improving their quality of life at work.

Exthand Scissors: A Trusted Brand for Hairdressers

With Exthand scissors, hairdressers can concentrate on what they do best, knowing that their tools have been designed to take care of them as much as they take care of their customers. In ergonomic scissors you'll also find Joewell shears, designed to make hairdressers' work easier. Exthand is much more than just a brand of hairdressing scissors; it's a complete solution for professional hairdressers concerned with their health and well-being. By offering tangible pain relief, Exthand earns the trust of professional hairdressers, improving their productivity, job satisfaction and overall well-being.