Hair Cutting Scissors

Discover our selection of hair scissors for cutting hair, called "hair cutting scissors" or "hair shears". Essential tools for any hairdresser and some stylists, hair cutting scissors are among the most used scissors in hairdressing! They are used for feminine or masculine haircuts.

The Usefulness of Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair cutting scissors are an essential tool for any professional hairdresser! As the name suggests, these are hair cutting scissors . Made up of two straight blades inspired by razor blades, these hair scissors allow precise cutting. Thanks to the little pressure exerted on the hair, the cut is done with finesse and delicacy. This prevents the hair from breaking, the result is clear. Conversely, thinning scissors are used to sculpt and thin the hair.

Our Selection of Different Hair Cutting Scissors

Our selection of hair cutting scissors presents a multitude of models. In order to offer you the best quality, the biggest brands of hair scissors are present to correspond to all hairdressers looking for performance and cutting pleasure.

  • Kamisori : Japanese hair scissors with perfect balance
  • Jaguar : Hair scissors with original designs
  • Takai : High-tech Japanese hair scissors
  • Tondeo : The prestigious hair scissors “Made in Germany”
  • Joewell : 100% Japanese hair scissors made and sharpened by hand
  • Dune : Japanese steel scissors with the best quality/price ratio
  • Exthand : The only ergonomic scissors without rings

Choose Hair Cutting Scissors that Suit You Thanks to Our Wide Choice!

Choosing scissors for haircuts is above all a personal choice. Each hairdresser must know the model that suits them according to their needs, their body shape and their way of working. The hair scissors in our selection are all of superior quality and are very ergonomic. Find models and brands at the best price in this selection of Hair cutting scissors!