Hairdressing scissors: The complete guide

Hairdressing scissors: The complete guide

Are you a hairdresser, apprentice hairdresser, or passionate about hairdressing? Would you like to know more about hairdressing scissors? Are you looking for the ideal scissors for cutting hair?

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Hair scissors (or hair shears) are hairdressers' favorite tool for cutting hair. There are so many choices that it is not easy to choose your scissors. From cutting scissors, to thinning scissors, to Japanese hairdressing scissors, we address all the questions that hairdressers have questions about.

In this article you will learn:

  • The different types of scissors for hairdressers
  • How to choose hairdressing scissors
  • Holding hairdressing scissors correctly
  • The secrets of Japanese hairdressing scissors
  • The best scissors for cutting hair

Hairdressing scissors will no longer have any secrets for you.

Without further ado, here we go!

The different types of hair scissors

Hair scissors are the essential tool for every hairdresser. If you're into hairdressing, you've probably heard of "hair cutting scissors" , "thinning scissors" , and maybe even "texturizing" . These are scissors commonly used by hairdressers to cut hair. Let's take a look at each type of hair scissors.

1. Hair cutting scissors

Hair cutting scissors (or straight scissors) are precise tools designed for cutting hair only. They are used to create clean, precise lines on your clients' hair. They often have two straight blades and a straight or ergonomic handle. Cutting scissors are generally light and sharp to facilitate the daily work of hairdressers.

Straight Hairdressing Scissors

2. Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are used to shape hair and refine a haircut. They have a smooth blade and a notched blade to thin the hair. Particularly useful for creating structured haircuts or adding texture to hair, they can also be used to create more voluminous and textured locks.


Hairdressing Sculptor Scissors

3. Texturizing scissors

Texturizing scissors have wide-toothed blades, this is their particularity. They are used to add texture and dimension to hair by cutting small sections in an irregular pattern. They are especially useful for creating more voluminous cuts or adding texture to fine hair. Using texturizing scissors to perform haircuts allows you to thin out more hair with each stroke of the scissors.

Texturizing Hairdressing Scissors

4. Left handed scissors

Left-handed scissors are mounted upside down and allow left-handed hairdressers to cut hair with their dominant hand. They are designed for left-handed people only and can only be used by left-handed people. There are often fewer choices in left-handed hairdressing scissors because the majority of hairdressers cut hair with their right hand.

Left-handed Hairdressing Scissors

Choosing hair scissors that suit you

If you are a hairdresser or hairdressing professional, you know that it is essential to choose the right scissors to work on your haircuts in good conditions. But how do you choose the hairdressing scissors that will suit you? Let's take a look at the criteria that hairdressers often ask us before ordering hairdressing scissors:

1. Blade size

To choose the blade size that will work best, you need to take your cutting techniques into account. Longer scissors are suitable for rougher haircuts, such as layers, while smaller scissors are suitable for more precise haircuts, such as highlights or earloops.

Hairdressing Scissors Sizes

The most common size of scissors is 5.5 inches. It is important to choose a size that suits you to work comfortably. Ask advice from hairdressing scissor specialists , or an experienced hairdresser to find the size that suits you best. Feel free to take them in hand to make sure the size is right for you.

2. Hair scissor shapes

There are mainly two shapes of hairdressing scissors: straight and ergonomic. These are the shapes of scissors most used by hairdressers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, however it is up to you hairdresser to choose the shape that suits you best! Here is the difference between the straight shape and the ergonomic shape.

Straight scissors

Straight scissors have a classic shape: aligned rings and straight branches. They are more traditional and the most common. They have a rectangular shape and are generally easier to find and less expensive than ergonomic scissors . Most hairdressers who learned the trade before the 1990s use this straight shape, which suits them very well.


Straight Hairdressing Scissors

Ergonomic scissors

Ergonomic scissors have a more rounded shape and offset rings. They are designed to facilitate the work of hairdressers and allow less effort when cutting hair. They are often more expensive than straight scissors, but they are essential for hairdressers who suffer from joint pain. Young hairdressers often use ergonomically shaped scissors, which makes learning easier and allows you to adopt good gestures from the start of your career as a hairdresser.

Ergonomic Hairdressing Scissors

Choosing the shape of your hair scissors will depend on your personal preferences . Some hairdressers are more comfortable using ergonomic scissors, and others prefer straight scissors. The shape does not impact the cutting performance, it is only a cutting comfort for the hairdresser. If you are new to hairdressing, we recommend ergonomically shaped scissors, which are easier to use.

3. Steel quality

The quality of the steel is essential to obtain quality scissors! Stainless steel and carbon steel are the two most common types of steel used to make hairdressing scissors. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain, while carbon steel is very hard and can be used for high-end scissors.

Opt for high-quality steel scissors to ensure their durability and performance. This is the secret of Japanese hairdressing scissors, which are designed in Japanese steel or Damascus steel to guarantee fluidity on all types of hair.

4. Cutting techniques

Modern hairdressers practice different haircut techniques. It is important to choose hairdressing scissors suitable for these techniques . If you primarily do precise haircuts, like staking, smaller, more precise scissors will be more comfortable for you. If you are doing rougher cuts, such as pixie cuts or men's cuts, larger scissors may be more useful to you.

For thinning ( slice, cut/slide ), it is essential to opt for high-end hairdressing scissors, so that the cutting performance follows your hairdresser's gestures.

5. The quality of hair scissors

There are different qualities of professional hair scissors, for all types of needs. Young hairdressers will need inexpensive and sturdy scissors to perfect their cutting techniques on synthetic hair (malleable heads). More experienced hairdressers will need cutting performance, to perform advanced cutting methods like staking or tapering.

For this, we recommend high-end scissors or Japanese scissors , which are designed for the performance needs of demanding hairdressers. 

Choosing Hairdressing Scissors

Which hair scissors are right for you?

As a hairdresser, you need to choose hairdressing scissors that best suit your needs. To choose the right scissors , it is important to consider the type of cutting you do most often, as well as your personal preferences for comfort and maneuverability. Choose premium scissors to ensure clean, precise cuts while minimizing the risk of fatigue or injury.

1. Scissors for apprentice hairdressers

For apprentice hairdressers, it is recommended to start with stainless steel scissors which are affordable and easy to use. They are also easy to maintain. A kit of hairdressing scissors (cutting scissors and thinning scissors), will be perfect for apprentice hairdressers looking for versatility. You will find this type of scissors at Jaguar or Dune Scissors, which offer professional hairdressing scissors at affordable prices.

Hairdressing Scissors Apprentice Hairdressers

2. Scissors for experienced hairdressers

For experienced hairdressers, opt for sharper scissors , such as titanium or carbon hairdressing scissors. They will be more suitable for precise cuts. It is also important to choose scissors that suit your cutting style. If you make precise cuts and layers, Japanese hairdressing scissors will suit you perfectly, they are designed for demanding hairdressers.

Hairdressing Scissors for Experienced Hairdressers

3. Hair Artist Scissors

For perfectionist hairdressers, it is wise to choose high-quality and reputable hair scissors to ensure better cutting precision and long life. Some brands promote advanced cutting techniques, and that's what you need. If you are looking for high-quality scissors , you should choose a brand of scissors that has a good reputation, for example: Takai, Tondeo, or even Kamisori.

Summary : When choosing the right hair scissors for you, it is important to consider your level of experience, your cutting style, the material of the scissors, their comfort and quality.

It is recommended to take the time to think carefully before making a purchase and to learn about the different types of scissors available on the market.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

The history of professional hairdressing scissors

Hair scissors have a long history, dating back to ancient times where they were made of bronze for cutting hair and trimming beards. In the following centuries, they underwent many improvements, notably in the Middle Ages when they were made of steel with thinner and more precise blades.

Hairdressing Scissors Antiques


In the 19th century, technological innovation made it possible to produce hair scissors in large quantities and at affordable prices, which contributed to the popularization of the profession of hairdresser (or hairstylist).

Today, they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, usually made of high-quality stainless steel and designed to make the work of hairdressers easier.

As a hairdresser, it is essential to choose quality scissors to perform precise haircuts and satisfy the needs of your clients. There are many manufacturers offering models to suit all needs and budgets.

Professional Hairdressing Scissors

How to hold hair scissors correctly?

There are several ways to hold your hairdressing scissors, depending on the cutting technique used and the personal preferences of each hairdresser. Maintaining good posture from the start of your professional career will help you avoid health problems linked to being a hairdresser. Here are some professional tips for holding your hair scissors correctly:

  • Hold the scissors with your dominant hand : if you are right-handed, use your right hand and vice versa. This will allow you to have better control and precision when cutting.

  • Place the index finger in the upper ring : the ring of the hairdressing scissors is located at the end of the handle. Placing your index finger in this ring will allow you to better control the movements of your scissors and have a good grip.

  • Place your thumb in the lower ring : When learning to be a hairdresser, it is recommended to only use your thumb to operate your hairdressing scissors.

  • Hold the handle firmly : To have better control and precision, it is important to firmly grip the handle of your scissors. This will allow you to better control the movements of the blades and cut precisely.

  • Place your little finger on the stop : the finger rest (or stop) is screwed to the end of the scissors. Some hairdressers remove this finger rest, and others like it when it is forged onto the ring so that it cannot unscrew.
Hold Hairdressing Scissors Properly

It's important to be comfortable and confident when holding your hairdressing scissors. Take the time to find a grip that suits you and allows you to have good precision when cutting hair. If you are a young hairdresser, our article on how to use hair scissors might be useful to you. Remember that hairdressing is an artistic profession and that some hairdressers develop their own personal techniques.

Where to buy professional hair scissors?

In 2023, there are many places to buy hairdressing scissors. First of all, there are suppliers for hairdressers and hair salons. These stores usually specialize in beauty products and carry a small variety of scissors. These are often inexpensive scissors, ideal for helping out nearby hairdressers.

Nowadays, you will also find suppliers specializing in hairdressing scissors. If you are looking for a wide choice and unbeatable prices, this option will be the best! Indeed, specialized stores are always more interesting than suppliers who sell hairdressing furniture, beauty products, and other accessories for hairdressers.

However, it is important to buy quality hair scissors so that they last over time. For this, we recommend that you opt for brands of scissors recognized in the hairdressing industry, for example: Takai, Dune, Tondeo or Jaguar ✂️

If you are looking for quality hair scissors, opt for companies that specialize in hair scissors. They often have a wide choice of brands and types of scissors, making them an excellent option for finding the hair scissors that will suit you best.

Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Maintenance of professional hair scissors

It is important to maintain your hair scissors to maintain their performance and maximize their lifespan. Here are some tips for maintaining your hair scissors:

  • Clean your scissors regularly with a dry cloth to remove accumulated hair and dirt. Pay attention to the sharpness during this step so as not to cut yourself.

  • Sharpen your blades when you need to to maintain their performance. We recommend contacting a professional specializing in hair scissors so that they are sharpened in good conditions.

  • Use a lubricant specially designed for hairdressing scissors to oil the blades and maintain their flexibility. Bleach-free products, as bleach will damage your scissors.

  • Store your hairdressing scissors in a dry place, protected from dust and direct sunlight when not in use.

Maintenance of Hairdressing Scissors

It is important to follow these maintenance tips to maintain the quality and performance of your hair scissors. If you have Japanese scissors, such as those from the Takai or Joewell brands, they should last for many years if you take care of them.

Expert Tip : To sharpen your Japanese scissors, contact your supplier or manufacturer so that they are sharpened properly. Japanese scissors are fragile and require special know-how 😉

The best brands of hair scissors

There are many brands of hair scissors on the market. It can be difficult to know which one to choose, and especially which brand is the best. Here is an overview of the five most popular brands of hair scissors:

1. Takai Technology

Hairdressing Scissors Takai Logo

For more than 30 years, Takai has been offering Japanese blades with Hamaguri sharpening (on the razor's edge). This brand of hair scissors is known for the quality of its products. Takai scissors are made from premium stainless steel, and are designed to be precise and durable. They are also lightweight and comfortable to hold. Hairdressers also appreciate the Takai service: 2 sharpenings/revisions offered for each pair of scissors.

2. Dune Scissors

Dune Hairdressing Scissors


Created in 2009, Dune Scissors is a brand appreciated by hairdressers. Dune scissors are made from quality Japanese stainless steel. They are designed to be precise and sharp. They are also ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It is an ideal brand for hairdressers who are looking for good hairdressing scissors at a lower cost.

3. Jaguar Solingen

Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors


The Jaguar brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of its hair scissors. For over 50 years, Jaguar has strived to provide hairdressers with superior quality scissors. The brand offers a wide range of hair scissors suitable for all cutting needs and styles. Sleek designs are loved by hairstylists. If you are a hairdresser and you are looking for quality shears, do not hesitate to take a look at our range of Jaguar scissors, you will not be disappointed!

4. Tondeo Solingen

Tondeo Hairdressing Scissors


Tondeo is a German brand founded in 1936 which quickly established itself as a reference in Europe. The brand is recognized for the quality of its products and the cutting-edge technology used to design their hair scissors. Tondeo is located in Solingen (Germany) and offers a wide range of cutting tools tailored to the needs of hairdressers. In recent years, the brand has undergone a makeover and offers increasingly high-end hair scissors.

5. Joewell Scissors

Joewell Hairdressing Scissors


Joewell is a globally recognized brand of hair scissors. Founded in 1943 in Japan. The brand is known for its range of high quality shears made from premium stainless steel, which gives them durability, and excellent corrosion resistance. Joewell shears are also known for their ergonomics, with comfortable handles and sharp blades that allow hairdressers to cut hair precisely and efficiently.

Everything you need to know about Japanese hair scissors

Many hairdressers wonder about Japanese hair scissors. What are their particularities? How are they made? Why cut with Japanese scissors? Let's take a look at these high-end hair scissors, which are so popular with hairdressers.

Japanese scissors: What are the advantages?

Japanese scissors are known for their exceptional quality, precision and performance, as well as their attractive style and appearance. They are generally made from high quality Japanese steel, which gives them great durability and excellent wear resistance.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Japanese scissors tend to last longer than other hairscissors, which is an advantage for hairdressers who use their scissors all day. For certain cases, Japanese scissors are essential, for example for the Vidal Sassoon method which involves cutting on dry hair, only with cutting scissors.

Japanese hairdressing scissors are a great option for hairdressers looking for high-quality scissors that offer exceptional precision and cutting performance.

Japanese steel used for hair scissors

There are different types of steel used for making hair scissors, and each of them has its own characteristics and benefits. In general, Japanese scissors are made from high quality stainless steel, which gives them a long lifespan.

Many Japanese scissor manufacturers also use special steel alloys to improve the quality and performance of their scissors. The inspiration and know-how comes from the making of Katanas, which have been made in Japan for millennia. Let's take a look at the 2 most common steels among hair shears manufacturers in Japan.

1. SUS 440C steel

SUS 440C steel is a stainless steel enriched with vanadium and molybdenum which makes it highly resistant to wear. The edge of your pair of scissors will therefore be more durable if it is shaped on this steel. It is considered one of the best steels for making Japanese scissors.

SUS440C Steel Hairdressing Scissors

2. VG10 Cobalt Steel

VG10 Cobalt steel hair scissors are very high quality tools. It is an alloy composed of stainless steel and cobalt which is renowned for its hardness. It is valued for its heat resistance and durability, making it a perfect choice for professional hairdressing scissors.

Cobalt Steel Hairdressing Scissors

The manufacture of Japanese hair scissors

The manufacturing of Japanese hair scissors is a complex process that requires unique know-how and great precision. Here are the 5 key stages of this manufacturing process:

  • Material preparation : Japanese scissors are generally made from high-quality stainless steel and other special steel alloys, which are cut into bars or sheets as required.
  • Cutting and forming : Steel bars or sheets are cut and formed into blades and scissor handles using specialized machines like glands and turntables.
  • Assembly : Scissor blades and handles are assembled together using artisanal welding and riveting techniques to secure them strong and durable.
  • Sharpening and Polishing : The scissors are sharpened and polished by hand to give them a smooth edge and finish. The artisans who master these techniques are mainly in Japan.
  • Quality control : Before being packaged and shipped, Japanese scissors undergo rigorous quality control to ensure that they meet high quality standards.
Japanese Hairdressing Scissors Manufacturing

Japanese hairdressing scissors are aimed at demanding hairdressers looking for high quality scissors. Experienced hairdressers, like David Malletest, only use Japanese hairdressing scissors. To invest in a good pair of Japanese scissors, opt for a brand renowned among hairdressers, and do not hesitate to seek the advice of specialists.

Top 10 best hair scissors

What are the best hair scissors? This is a question that hairdressers often ask us. In reality, it all depends on your needs. An apprentice hairdresser and an experienced hairdresser will not have the same needs. Here is a ranking of the best hair scissors that will suit the greatest number of hairdressers:

10. Jaguar Gold Rush Scissors

The look of the Jaguar Gold Rush OR scissors is pure marvel! The luxurious appearance of this pair of hair scissors will delight you with every haircut. The edge is sharp and the design is pleasant for hairdressers to use.

Jaguar Gold Rush Hairdressing Scissors

9. Jaguar Boho Chic Scissors

Jaguar Boho chic hair scissors are adorned with real gold! The golden slide on this pair of scissors represents the Bohemian spirit to appeal to hairdressers who love luxury. Cutting versatility and luxurious design, this pair of scissors is very popular with hairdressers.

Jaguar Boho Chic Hairdressing Scissors

8. Tondeo Spirit Scissors

Cutting versatility assured with the Tondeo Spirit hair scissors. This pair of scissors allows you to perform different cutting techniques with ease! Whether you are a young hairdresser or an experienced hairdresser, this pair of scissors will make your haircuts easier.

Tondeo Spirit Hairdressing Scissors

7. Joewell New Era Scissors

The Jaguar Ocean scissors will help you enhance your haircuts! The elegance of this pair of scissors will appeal to perfectionist hairdressers who love quality cutting tools. They are manufactured at Jaguar in Solingen. The cutting edge is fine and ideal for thinning hair. The ergonomics have been designed to facilitate the work of hairdressers.

Jewell New Era Hairdressing Scissors

6. Dune Ruby Scissors

With the Dune Ruby scissors you can practice all your cutting techniques, without any discomfort. High quality Japanese steel gives them an effective and durable sharpness over time! Little design, for these hair scissors everything is focused on cutting performance.

Dune Ruby Hairdressing Scissors

5. Jaguar JP-10 Black Scissors

The Jaguar JP-10 black scissors perfectly combine design and cutting versatility. This is the Jaguar JP-10 model with black coating. It is one of the best sellers, and a model appreciated by hairdressers. If you are looking for a nice pair of scissors at a lower cost, this model will be perfect for you.

Jaguar JP-10 Black Hairdressing Scissors

4. Joewell Supreme Scissors

Opt for excellence with the Joewell Supreme Black scissors! This is one of the best Joewell scissors in the entire range! It is recommended for hairdressers looking for cutting performance. The high-end steel and unique look are a perfect combination for hairdressers looking for exceptional scissors.

Joewell Supreme Hairdressing Scissors

3. Takai Akio Scissors

Finally, affordable Japanese hair scissors. Takai Akio scissors have Hamaguri sharpening and are 100% made in Japan! Takai is a brand appreciated by demanding hairdressers and this model is designed for the greatest number of hairdressers.

Takai Akio Hairdressing Scissors

2. Takai Summum Scissors

Our favorite ❤️

The flagship of Japanese scissors, the Takai Summum scissors meet your desire for perfection! The Hamaguri cutting edge, equipped with Miracle Slit technology (Takai patent), will help you master your haircuts with precision.

Takai Summum Hairdressing Scissors

1. Takai Hakama Scissors

Our favorite ❤️

Powerful blades, a unique style: Takai Hakama hair scissors represent Japanese excellence! This pair of Takai scissors is aimed at demanding hairdressing professionals, who like cutting performance in all circumstances.

Takai Hakama Hairdressing Scissors


Some hairdressers practice advanced cutting techniques such as tapering or spiking which require performance and precision. For this we recommend high-end scissors which will facilitate these modern cutting techniques.

Hair scissors: hairdressers' favorite tool

We are coming to the end of this article. Now you know all the secrets of hair scissors. You know what different types of scissors are, how to hold and maintain them, and how important they are for hairdressers.

But, hair scissors are a much more important symbol than professional cutting tools. For passionate hairdressers, they are an extension of their hand, and sometimes even a passion! We have shared this passion for over 10 years now.

The Myhairscissors team has created for you a selection of the scissors most appreciated by hairdressers. Whether you are a young hairdresser, or passionate about the world of hairdressing, you will find what you are looking for in this selection. Just click on the image below to check them out.

Best Hairdressing Scissors


Now you have two possible choices.

Either you can go even further to discover everything about hair scissors, or you can perfect your knowledge on equipment for hairdressers, the real profession of hair artists.