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Whether you are a professional hairdresser or an apprentice hairdresser, a good pair of scissors can greatly improve the final result of your haircuts as well as your working comfort.

Today we will share with you different tips to consider when purchasing your hairdressing scissors. At the end of the article, you will also find our Top 10 of the best hair scissors in 2023 .

5 things to know when buying a pair of hairdressing scissors

5 things to know when buying a pair of hair scissors

First of all, when you buy a pair of hair scissors you need to take several things into account. Keep the following points in mind:

1. The size of the scissors

The overall length of the scissors and the length of the blade are two important considerations when purchasing your scissors. Here's what you need to know:

Total length : standard scissors used by hairdressers measure between 5" and 6". If you have larger hands, buy a scissor at least 6 inches long, preferably 6.5 inches (they're ideal for men's cuts). Average sized hands can use 5.5 inch scissors. You'll find all the details in our hair scissors guide. In all cases, properly sized scissors increase cutting comfort, prevent hand fatigue and provide better action during your haircuts.

Blade Length : Most hairdressers will have two pairs of scissors that they rely on: a short pair of scissors and a long pair of scissors. Short scissors have blade lengths ranging from 1.5" to 2.0". This is detailed work for the ear and neck area. The longer blade, about 2.5 inches, cuts much more hair in one go. Large blades are often used by barbers or hairdressers who like large blades.

Tondeo Professional Hairdressing Scissors

2. Types of scissors

The different types of scissors play an essential role when cutting hair, we briefly present the differences between them, if you want to know more about which hair scissors to choose, we advise you to read our dedicated article different types of scissors.

Hair cutting Scissors : Straight scissors are used to modify the length of hair, it relies on two smooth blades which can cut hair effortlessly. Some hairdressers use straight scissors for thinning. This technique is called "Slice" or "Slide". We recommend Japanese hairdressing scissors, which are particularly sharp, for these cutting techniques.

Thinning scissors : They are used to remove a small amount of hair to create layering texture, blend and remove volume. In the majority of cases, sculpting scissors are used to thin out and finalize a haircut. Be careful to use them with caution if you are just starting out with hairdressing.

Texturizing scissors : often used in hairdressing artist shows and demonstrations, texturizing scissors are sculpting scissors with widely spaced tapering teeth to remove more mass. They should be used with caution because they remove more hair than sculpting scissors. This is why they are used to texturize haircuts or create special effects.

3. Materials (steel)

The composition of the cutting blade is essential when purchasing your hairdressing scissors. It is the materials that make up your blades that are in contact with the hair. The better the quality of the steel (with a high level of purity), the sharper your scissors will be.

Steel : Most scissors use carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is stiffer, resulting in a significantly sharper blade. However, carbon steel is more susceptible to corrosion and must be dried if wet.

Stainless steel does not rust, it is the steel preferred by hairdressers for daily use.

Cobalt steel : Made from a mixture of cobalt and chromium, cobalt alloy has certain corrosion-resistant properties. It is not as strong as other steels, but is extremely pure, which is what Japanese scissor manufacturers are looking for.

4. The different shapes

There are different shapes of scissors for hairdressers :

Offset shape : this shape is the most popular and features a straight body combined with an ergonomic handle. The offset handle allows your ring finger and thumb to be more open when cutting and therefore more comfortable during your haircuts.

Straight Shape : Designed for use of the middle finger and thumb, this design makes your hands and shoulder tire more quickly. You have to raise your elbow to use it, which can cause fatigue from repeating the movement... However, hairdressers who have been practicing for several decades have gotten into the habit of cutting with this form of scissors.

Curved shape : this curved shape is one of the most comfortable ergonomics, it was designed for hairdressers who have had problems following the exercise of their hairdressing profession. This shape allows you to drop your wrist and shoulder, reducing arm fatigue. It is therefore strongly recommended if you have health concerns related to your job as a hairdresser.

5. Types of blades

There are different types of blades in hair scissors: smooth, micro-toothed and convex.

Smooth blade : Smooth blades are the most popular and affordable in price. Most smooth blades are designed for hair cutting and will be suitable for the majority of hairdressers.

This type of blade is sharp, but requires more force per stroke. This pair of scissors is not particularly suitable for hairstyles that require advanced cutting techniques.

Convex blade : These blades are intended for advanced and perfected hair cutting techniques. The acute angle of these scissors allows for close cutting. However, this type of blade requires more know-how, which results in a higher cost. Japanese scissors are often equipped with convex blades to guarantee a clean and precise cut.

Micro-toothed blade : designed to prevent hair from slipping, they guide the hair into the blades using fine slots on one of the two blades. This type of scissors is becoming less and less common because the new generation edges have a clean cut. Barbers appreciate these blades for their ease of use in straight cutting.

Best Hairdressing Scissors

Top 10 best hair scissors in 2023

Now that you know everything about professional hair scissors, here are our top 10 best hair shears. Here we only take into account the brands that we distribute and that we know.

10. Tondeo Vegas hair scissors

scissors tondeo vegas 6
  • Stainless steel: does not blacken or rust
  • Offset shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Tondeo C-Line scissors range
  • Neat glossy finish

Pair of scissors designed in high-end steel, slide over the hair in a slice movement, enhance your cuts thanks to these scissors made by Tondeo, sharpened by recognized specialists.

9. Tondeo Spirit hair scissors

tondeo spirit scissors

  • Stainless steel: does not blacken or rust
  • Ergonomic shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Tondeo A-Line scissors range
  • Matte and glossy finish

Renowned for their cutting versatility, the Tondeo Spirit pair of scissors allows you to cut and trim hair with disconcerting ease, a pair of scissors with attractive value for money. Light and easy to handle, experienced hairdressers are unanimously convinced by this pair of Tondeo scissors.

8. Jaguar Ergo Pink hairdressing scissors

jaguar ergo pink scissors

  • Stainless steel: pink coating
  • Offset shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Jaguar Prestyle scissor range
  • Ideal for apprentice hairdressers

The Jaguar Ergo Pink scissors are ideal for starting hairdressing, the colored coating adds a girly touch for hairdressers who love pink. The base of this pair of scissors is solid and will help you throughout your hairdressing apprenticeship. In addition, this pair of scissors is at a very affordable price, which is why we have put it in our ranking.

7. Jaguar Boho Chic Hairdressing Scissors

  • Stainless steel : does not discolor
  • Ergonomic shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Range Jaguar Silver-Line scissors
  • Hand gilded slide, real gold

Opt for Jaguar hair scissors adorned with real gold! The golden slide on this pair of Jaguar scissors represents the Bohemian spirit to appeal to hairdressers who love luxury.

6. Tondeo Opus Hair Scissors

  • Stainless steel : does not rust
  • Ergonomic shape: natural grip
  • Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes
  • Type: hair cutting scissors
  • Range Tondeo E-Line scissors
  • Neat glossy finish

Opt for one of Tondeo's best-sellers! The Tondeo Opus scissors are fine and precise. Its long, thin blades are ideal for staking and thinning. Effective on dry hair and wet hair, this pair of scissors will help you achieve successful haircuts.

5. Tondeo Victory Hair Scissors



  • Stainless steel : does not darken
  • Ergonomic shape: easy to hold
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Range Tondeo S-Line scissors
  • High-end glossy finish

The Tondeo Victory scissors put less strain on your arm and shoulder during your haircuts and are therefore ergonomic scissors. Finally, professional hair scissors designed for the well-being of hairdressers!

4. Jaguar Heron Hairdressing Scissors


  • Stainless steel : does not rust
  • Ergonomic shape: slightly curved
  • Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Range Jaguar Gold-Line scissors
  • Neat glossy finish

The robust and powerful blades of the Jaguar Heron hair scissors will delight lovers of slices and thinning/gliding! Hairdressers can finally thin out the mass with Jaguar scissors.

3. Tondeo Zentao Black Hair Scissors


  • Titanium stainless steel : does not oxidize
  • Ergonomic shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5.5/6 or 6.5 inch sizes
  • Scissors type: hair cutting scissors
  • Range Tondeo Premium-Line scissors
  • Black finish (titanium steel)

Rediscover the spirit of Japanese hair scissors with the Tondeo Zentao Black scissors! The shape and philosophy of this pair of Tondeo scissors are inspired by the fashion of Japanese hairdressers.

2. Takai Hybrid Hair Scissors

  • Japanese steel: VG-10 enriched with Cobalt
  • Ergonomic shape: comfortable grip
  • Available in 5, 5.5 or 6 inch sizes
  • Type: Japanese scissors
  • Removable finger rest

Do you like to work in slices or thinning with your cutting scissors? Then the cutting edge of the Takai Hybrid scissors will suit you perfectly! These scissors are particularly suitable for thinning hair, which is what Takai wanted.

1. Takai Corum Hair Scissors

  • Japanese steel: VG-10 enriched with Cobalt
  • Ergonomic shape: easy to hold
  • Available in 5.5 inch size
  • Type: Japanese scissors
  • Integrated finger rest

Let yourself be seduced by the best quality/price ratio of Takai scissors.High-end steel, perfect ergonomics, Hamaguri cutting edge, this pair of scissors is the flagship of Takai Technology.

This ranking takes into account the budget. This is why some inexpensive models are in this ranking. They have features that will suit the vast majority of hairdressers. However, some hair professionals must only favor best hair scissors to perform advanced cutting techniques. Japanese hairdressing scissors are designed for that!


Professional Hairdressing Scissors


In conclusion, we hope to have succeeded in guiding you in the choice of your hair scissors , if you have other questions on this subject, we invite you to read our different articles, to consult our different ranges of scissors, and to contact us contact if you need personalized advice.