Tondeo E Line Scissors

Tondeo E line scissors are renowned among hairdressers! They are very good value for money. Discover the Tondeo E Line scissors now!

Our Tondeo E Line Hair Scissors

If you already know the Tondeo Solingen scissor brand, you know that Tondeo Opus scissors are widely appreciated around the world. Its ergonomic shape helps you perform your haircuts with peace of mind. In addition, it is a model that we recommend to hairdressers. Indeed, its cutting versatility will suit many hairdressers!

If you have particular cutting requirements you will find what you are looking for in the superior range: the Tondeo S-line scissors. From this range, these are high-end scissors, handmade in Germany.

Advantages of Tondeo E line Scissors

In the Tondeo collection, the Tondeo E Line range of scissors is little known but is very popular with French hairdressers! It only has a few models. These are good value for money hair scissors for hair cutting tools "Made in Germany". Many hairdressers have used Tondeo hairdressing scissors for many years. It is therefore a safe bet for many French hairdressers! Here are some advantages of Tondeo E line scissors:

  • Interesting value for money
  • 100% made in Germany
  • Expertise Tondeo Solingen
  • Premium quality steel
  • Quality control before leaving the factory

Special Features of Tondeo E Line Scissors

The disadvantage of this range of Tondeo scissors is that there are very few models, and this is desired by the brand! To produce quality scissors "Made in Germany" it takes a lot of research and development. Tondeo is a leader in this sector by always offering more technological innovations to hairdressers. However, to maintain superior quality, Tondeo must restrict the choice to only offer professional scissors that have proven themselves in the hairdressing industry!