Jaguar Prestyle

Jaguar Prestyle Scissors

The Prestyle range of Jaguar scissors and its emblematic model the Jaguar Ergo scissors are German quality hair scissors at a lower cost. Are you a young hairdresser or learning to be a hairdresser? Then the Jaguar Prestyle scissors will suit you perfectly! They are designed for hairdressers looking for inexpensive, good quality Jaguar scissors.

The History of Prestyle Scissors

Jaguar Soligen's Prestyle range was designed by a hairdresser. As their name suggests, Jaguar Prestyle scissors are perfect for adding style to your haircuts ! The hairdresser who worked on this range wanted to create a durable, precise and comfortable pair of scissors for hairdressers to use. This is the least expensive range of Jaguar hairdressing scissors, making it accessible to all hairdressers. They are designed to be strong and effective on all hair types.

Our Jaguar Prestyle Scissors

If you are a young hairdresser or looking for quality scissors at a reduced price, then the Prestyle range from Jaguar Solingen is for you! In this range of professional hairdressing scissors, you will find the main models:

  • Jaguar Ergo Scissors
  • Jaguar Relax Scissors
  • Jaguar Slice Scissors
  • Jaguar Pink Scissors

The "Jaguar Ergo" model is appreciated around the world for its performance and low price. This is the least expensive model in the entire Jaguar hair scissors collection. And as usual, quality is at the center of the manufacturing process of Jaguar hair scissors. This range is proof!

Advantages of Jaguar Prestyle Scissors

Jaguar Prestyle scissors are professional hair scissors designed for hairdressers exclusively. They are made of high quality steel for careful workmanship. The Prestyle range at Jaguar is popular due to their precision, adjustable blades and ergonomic handle. These are good hair scissors, at a lower cost. Here are some advantages of this range:

  • Excellent value
  • Designed for hairdressers
  • Manufactured by Jaguar Solingen
  • Made ine Germany
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Affordable Jaguar Scissors

Special Features of Prestyle Hair Scissors

This Jaguar scissors range is aimed at hairdressers who appreciate Jaguar White Line scissors and who are looking for quality scissors at a low price. They allow hairdressers to cut hair quickly and precisely, while reducing strain on their wrists. The objective is to make hairdressers' lives easier so that they can concentrate on the essential part of their job: cutting hair.

At Myciseauxcoiffure we know that young hairdressers appreciate this range of professional scissors. It is often in the tool kits for hairdressers that they receive during their apprenticeship. The reason is simple, these are the best hair scissors in this price range.