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What are the different sizes of hair scissors? How to use them effectively? How to choose the right size of hair shears?

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In this article, we explore the different sizes of hair scissors and their uses. Whether you're looking for precision, versatility or a quick cut, our tips will help you choose the right size hair scissors.

In particular, you will discover:

  • The different sizes of hair scissors
  • Adapt the size of the scissors to your cutting style
  • How to choose the right size of hair scissors
  • Types of hair scissors used by hairdressers

After reading this article, you will know everything about the different sizes of hair scissors. You will learn the importance for a hairdresser to master their cutting tools, to perform professional haircuts.

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Hairdressing scissors sizes

Hair scissors unit of measurement: inches or centimeters?

Let's start by understanding the lexicon used in this field. The unit of measurement of hair scissors can vary between inches and centimeters. Scissors are usually measured in inches . It is important to note that 1 inch is equivalent to approximately 2.54 centimeters.

So, if you prefer measurements in centimeters, it helps to convert the sizes accordingly. However, most hair scissor manufacturers use inches as their unit of measurement. You will therefore often see sizes 5.5 or 6 (which correspond to inches).

When purchasing your hair scissors, it is recommended to refer to the measurements provided by the manufacturer to choose the size that will best suit your needs, most of the time it will be expressed in inches.

So keep this in mind: 1 inch = 2.54 cm

Hairdressing scissors unit of measurement

What are the different sizes of hair scissors?

When it comes to hair scissors, there are different sizes available in the market. Each size has its own characteristics and advantages. Let's take a look at the sizes most commonly used by hairdressers:

1) Small hair scissors

Small hair scissors typically have blades of around 4.5 or 5 inches (12 to 15 centimeters). They are perfect for precise finishes and delicate details, such as for trimming small hairs around the ears.

This small size allows for better maneuverability and precise control when cutting hair. Hairdressers often use these scissors for final touch-ups or precision cuts.

Advantages: handy and precise.

Small hairdressing scissors (5 inches)

2) Standard hair scissors

Medium-sized hair scissors, with blades of approximately 5.5 or 6 inches (15 to 18 centimeters). They offer cutting versatility for various techniques. They work well for layered haircuts and most hairstyles.

These scissors are a popular choice among hairdressers due to their balance of precision and speed. This is also the most common size in hair salons.

Advantages: versatile and effective.

Medium hairdressing scissors (6 inches)

3) Large hair scissors

Large hair scissors are often used in men's hairdressing. They have blades that measure over 6.5 inches (19 centimeters). These scissors are particularly suitable for thick haircuts and thinning techniques.

Barbers use them to precisely trim and shape beards. Their larger size saves time when cutting large amounts of hair. It is therefore an excellent choice for men's cuts.

Advantages: efficient and robust.

Large hairdressing scissors (7 inches)

Adapt the size of hair scissors to your cutting style: our practical advice

When choosing the size of hair scissors, it is essential to consider your cutting style and personal preferences. Here are some practical tips to guide you:

  • Identify the type of cuts you make most frequently and choose a scissor size suited to those techniques.
  • Consider your clients' hair texture. Fine hair may require smaller scissors for added precision, while thick hair may benefit from larger scissors for efficient cutting.
  • Experiment with different sizes of scissors to find the one that best suits your comfort and cutting style.
  • Use different sizes depending on your cutting techniques, for example combining large scissors for initial cutting and smaller scissors for finishing touches.
Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

How to choose the right size of hair scissors?

Choosing the right size of hair scissors can make the difference in the outcome of your haircut and your ease of cutting. It can also make your work easier and give you more maneuverability . Here are the criteria to take into account when choosing the size of your hair scissors:

1) The different cutting styles

Every hairstylist has their own favorite cutting styles and techniques. If you make short, precise cuts, you can opt for small hairdressing scissors (5 or 5.5 inches).

If you do more cuts on long hair or layered cuts, medium-sized scissors will be more suitable (between 5.5 and 6 inches). Size 5.5 is also the most common in hair salons because it is the most versatile.

Think about the style of cutting you will most often do with your hair scissors. Also consider common requests from your clients to determine which size will best suit your styling needs.

2) Personal preferences of hairdressers

Share your experiences with your fellow hairdressers, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes. You might get useful tips and discover new perspectives that will help you narrow down your choice.

It is also interesting to ask other hairdressers in your hairdressing salon for their opinions to find out their preferences.

So you can make an informed choice by knowing what your fellow hairdressers prefer. Each hairdresser is different, so do your research but make your choice according to your preferences.

3) Several sizes of scissors depending on the cutting style

It is essential to have several sizes of hairdressing scissors in your hairdressing kit. Indeed, this is the case for the majority of hairdressers, they have different sizes of scissors, for different uses, such as:

  • Small scissors for finishing touches (4.5 or 5 inches)
  • Medium scissors for the initial cut (5.5 or 6 inches)
  • Large scissors for straight cutting (6.5 or 7 inches)

This allows you to adapt to different cutting styles , hair types and preferences of your clients. By having a choice of sizes, you are better prepared to provide quality service and meet the specific needs of each customer.

The different types of hair scissors used by hairdressers

Aside from different sizes, there are also different types of hair scissors suited to specific cutting techniques. Let's take a closer look at the types of scissors most commonly used in hair salons:

1) Hair cutting scissors

Hair cutting scissors (or “cutting shears”) are designed to make straight, clean cuts. They have sharp blades that allow for precise hair cutting. Some hair cutting scissors have a very fine and precise sharpening, making it easier to thin to give texture to the hair.

In this area, Japanese scissors are the most appreciated by hairdressers. They are designed for maximum cutting precision and have a clean cutting edge to make hairdressers' work easier.

Cutting scissors

2) Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are used to add texture and create layers to hair. Their blade is generally serrated or notched, which allows a precise quantity of hair to be removed to obtain an aesthetic effect and erase the demarcations of the straight cut.

Sculptor scissors

3) Large scissors

Large scissors are often used for quick and efficient cuts. They are suitable for hairdressers who deal with large quantities of hair, such as men's hairdressing or barbers.

Longer blades allow you to cut more hair in one go, which can save you time when doing bulky cuts. They are popular in men's hair salons because they save time during each haircut.

Large size hairdressing scissors

Things to remember when choosing the size of your hair scissors

As a hairdresser, knowing the different sizes of hairdressing scissors and their uses allows you to choose the best tools for each cut.

By comparing sizes, matching scissor sizes to your cutting style, choosing the right size for each client, and exploring different types of scissors, you can improve the quality of your services and customer satisfaction.

By using a combination of different sizes and types of hairdressing scissors, you can improve your precision, versatility and efficiency as a professional hairdresser.

Experiment, share tips with your colleagues and continue to refine your skills to become an expert hairdresser in using hairdressing scissors.

If you want to know more about hairdresser cutting tools, we have created a complete guide to hairdressing scissors: click here.

Hair scissors: The emblem of the hairdresser

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Hairdressing scissors

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