Titan Scissors Tool

Size: 6 inches
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Un SAV pour les coiffeurs.

Discover the Titan Tool scissors! The selected quality of Japanese steel guarantees impeccable cutting quality. The design of this pair of scissors is very pleasant.

  • Stainless steel : does not rust
  • Offset shape : offset rings
  • Available in 5.5 and 6 inch sizes
  • Forged finger rest and colored screws

THE Titan Tool scissors are ideal for all types of cutting. On dry and damp hair, they are exceptionally powerful. Attention lovers of high-performance scissors! Titan scissors are made from Japanese steel. The screws are German and guarantee a long life for your scissors. The green screw allows you to easily adjust your scissors with a simple finger movement, without any special tools. The edge of the blade (sharp edge) is handmade with traditional Japanese techniques. If you are looking for good hair scissors not too expensive, these Titan scissors could be right for you. Also discover the Titan Tool Black scissors , their unique design is sure to please you!

The history of Titan scissors:

Titan professional hair scissors represent over 100 years of experience in hair scissor design. Not only do Titan hair scissors have quality cutting edges, they are also comfortable to hold and use. Titan Scissors uses the best Japanese steel to manufacture these high quality scissors. Japanese steels are carefully selected and enriched with cobalt or molybdenum so that the scissors maintain their sharpness and durability. Bearing screws serve to ensure smooth blade movement and easy maintenance.

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