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Myhairscissors is the world's largest supplier of hair scissors. On our store, hairdressers have access to the best brands of hair shears (hair cutting scissors & thinning scissors) at attractive prices.

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At the forefront, the brand is essential. This is what guarantees the manufacturing quality, often sought after on Japanese hair shears. Depending on your budget and requirements, some brands will suit you better than others.

Takai Technology is a brand particularly appreciated by european hairdressers. Indeed Takai is one of the leaders in Japanese hair shears and has a workshop in France to carry out scissor maintenance.

For more than 30 years, Takai has always offered more cutting pleasure to hairdressers who love Japanese hair scissors.

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Myhairscissors: The world's largest supplier of Hair Shears

For every professional hairdresser, it's essential to have good hair scissors, to perform haircuts in good conditions. For this purpose, there are a number of leading hair scissors brands that guarantee perfect shears for hair cutting. We only distribute recognized brands to guarantee a high level of quality for all our cutting shears featured on the store.

Our wide selection lets you choose hair scissors to suit your needs. You'll find both right-handed and left-handed scissors. Some are straight-shaped, others have ergonomic handles for a clean cut. Whether for cutting or sculpting hair, your shears need to be adapted to the body shape of the hairdresser using them, and be easy to grip. For trimming, opt for fine-pointed shears. For tapering, opt for thick blades and powerful cutting edges, especially when cutting dry hair.

As for thinning shears, they are less widely used than haircutting scissors, so you can choose according to your tastes and desires. However, for beginners, we recommend ergonomic scissors for a good grip. For hair thinning, the closer together the blade teeth are, the less hair the thinning scissors will remove. Conversely, the more widely spaced the teeth, the more hair will be removed.

To choose the right size of hair scissors, get inspiration from your current scissors, or from other hairdressers and barbers in the hair salon where you work. You can compare the size (in inches) and rings of your scissors with your fellow hairdressers to find the ideal size. Many hairdressers have several hair scissors in their hairdressing equipment to cut hair efficiently If you're a professional barber, you'll also find cutting shears designed for men's hairstyles in "comb scissors", which guarantee a precise cut through every strand of hair.

The expertise of a professional hairdresser is essential for perfectly styled hair. In addition to hair cutting shears, a razor or hair clippers can be useful for finishing off a hair cut, particularly for layering or cutting delicate strands. We ensure that our customers, exclusively hairdresser and barber, have access to a full range of professional hairdressing tools from leading brands, from hair cutting shears to razors, to guarantee a professional hairdressing service for their customers.

Our Hair Scissors: To Enhance Your Haircuts

All the hair scissors in our store have been tested by our professional hairdressers, so that we can tell you all about their advantages and disadvantages. You will find blades in carbon steel, others in titanium, and even some in cobalt for the perfectionist hairdresser. The aim is for every hairdresser (and barber) to be able to create their own hairstyles and cut hair with hair cutting shear adapted to their needs. Whether you're a beginner hairdresser or a hair artist, all you have to do is choose your hair scissors and we'll deliver them to you free of charge.


Myhairscissors specializes in hair scissors. Founded by former hairdressers, the store aims to offer hairdressers the largest selection of scissors at the best prices. Quickly, and through the quality of our scissors, the store was able to establish itself as the leader in online hairdressing scissors.


Our team has selected the best brands of hair scissors so that every hairdresser can find scissors to suit their needs. We only distribute professional scissors brands renowned among hairdressers. Whether you are a young hairdresser or a hairdressing virtuoso, you will find what you are looking for.


Need advice on choosing your scissors? Our team is trained by the best manufacturers of hair scissors in order to master the ranges available in the store and to be able to advise hairdressers. We are available by telephone from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Discover the best brands of hair scissors on the store. Whether you are a young hairdresser or a seasoned hairdressing professional, have your new hair scissors delivered free of charge worldwide (at home or in a hairdressing salon)

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