Blades - parts of the scissors that cross to make the cut.

Tip - the end of the scissor blades.

Edge - the part of the blades that makes the haircut.

Rings - parts of scissors where fingers are inserted.

Entablure - pin that holds the two scissor blades together.

Finger rest - part of the scissors where the little finger is placed.

Thumb ring - larger ring for the hairdresser's thumb.

Tension screw - device for adjusting the tension of the scissor blades.

Coating - non-stick coating applied to scissors for design purposes.

Maintenance - cleaning scissors to increase their durability.

Sharpening - the process of sharpening blades to maintain their cutting edge.

Hamaguri - precise Japanese sharpening.

Ergonomics - for optimum comfort and grip.

Size - length of scissor blades, measured in inches.

Straight scissors - used for straight cutting.

Hair cutting scissors - the main scissors used by hairdressers.

Thinning scissors - scissors with teeth for thinning hair.

Texturizing scissors - scissors with serrated blades for removing volume.

Left-handed scissors - scissors designed for left-handed hairdressers.

Barber scissors - scissors used to trim and maintain beards.

Titanium steel - durability and increased strength.

Stainless steel - corrosion-resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

Japanese steel - superior quality, exceptional cutting edge.

Cobalt steel - very hard, retains edge longer.

Carbon steel - top-of-the-range, for a sharp edge.

Damascus steel - distinctive pattern created by forging multiple layers of steel.

Powder coated steel - special powder-coating.

Contouring - defining the lines and contours of the cut.

Edge - cut hair at the edge of the contours.

Straight cut - horizontal cut for a clean line.

Tapered cut - cut at various angles for texturizing and thinning.

Layered cut - cut layers of different lengths.

Reverse gradient cut - inverted V effect with different layers.

Stippling - precise removal of split or damaged ends.

Slice - glide over hair with the cutting edge.

Bevel cut - diagonal cut for added movement and texture.