Takai Ciselor texturising scissors

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Create unstructured haircuts with Takai Ciselor thinning scissors! Designed for masters of the technique, they should be handled with care!

  • Japanese steel : VG-10 enriched with Cobalt
  • Classic shape : comfortable grip
  • 14 thinning teeth (removes up to 50% of material)
  • Japanese texturizing Scissors

These Takai hairdressing scissors are not simple sculpting scissors but texturizing scissors. A tool for creative daring, this pair of scissors will help you create unstructured haircuts! Be careful, however, to handle them with care so as not to remove too much material. All Takai scissors are made and sharpened in Japan, respecting Japanese know-how! Takai Technology is one of the only manufacturers of Japanese scissors, have a workshop where they can carry out traditional Japanese sharpening, taught by the artisans of the Takai factory in Japan. Like thousands of demanding hairdressers, join the Takai Technology family! Are you left-handed or left-handed? So discover the unique Takai left scissors.

2 Hamaguri sharpenings offered on all Takai scissors with no time limit.
Takai scissors sharpenings
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