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Carecut heated scissors: prevent split ends with heated blades!

Women's hair, traditionally long, naturally needs more care and maintenance to remain in good condition. Over time, the hair becomes fragile at the ends, and when cutting, it tends to curl, and thus form split ends.

The heated blades of the Carecut scissors allow you to cut your clients' hair without damaging them in this way. In fact, the heat provided by the heating blades allows the moisturizing and nutrient substances present in the hair fibers, as well as the pigments, to remain inside them. The hair heals immediately, increases in resistance and maintains a beautiful shape and soft texture.

Faster hair growth

When the hair is thus maintained at the time of cutting, so that it manages to retain its moisturizing and emollient substances, it is able to grow back more quickly. Better yet, it grows back with a better texture, and with more resistance!

A classic use

Using the Carecut heated scissors is no different from other hairdressing scissors. It is a tool which therefore does not require any particular technique or learning. Hairdressers will be able to use it effectively without having to familiarize themselves with this tool. This, while managing to further satisfy the customers of your hair salon!


Enjoy the benefits of a premium partnership! But what are the concrete advantages of having heated scissors in a hair salon?

As soon as you purchase Carecut heated scissors , you can register on the Carecut website as a partner hair salon in order to benefit from the advantages of the Carecut marketing plan:

  • Featured on The Carecut official website
  • Attract new customers interested in heated scissors
  • Build loyalty among your current customers
  • Offer an anti-split service using heated scissors
  • Get the Carecut communication kit (posters, leaflets, animated film for the living room, etc.)

Now that you know everything about Carecut heated scissors , equip yourself without further delay with this revolutionary tool in the world of hairdressing! To do this, simply add the pair of scissors to your basket and place the order.

Carecut heated scissors are guaranteed for 2 years.

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