Tondeo Thinning Scissors

Tondeo thinning scissors are renowned for their gentle tapering. These are thinning scissors designed for hairdressers. Discover our Tondeo thinning scissors!

Our Tondeo Thinning Scissors

In Tondeo hair scissors there are different shapes and models. The objective is to offer thinning scissors to all hairdressers. Some Tondeo scissors are simply used to finish your haircuts and others are used for specific purposes. Here are the different Tondeo thinning scissors:

  • Tondeo sculpting scissors : These are traditional thinning scissors, used most of the time to finish your haircuts.
  • Tondeo texturizing scissors : These are scissors with very wide teeth, designed to create an unstructured effect on your haircuts.
  • Tondeo thinning scissors : Large thinning scissors are often called “thinning scissors”.
  • Tondeo pinking scissors : Equipped with very wide teeth, pinking scissors are little known because they are designed for hairdressing virtuosos who remove a lot of material when thinning. Use with caution.

You must choose your Tondeo thinning scissors according to your habits and needs. Some hairdressers use different pairs of thinning scissors for different purposes, it's up to you to choose how you work on your haircuts.

Advantages of Tondeo Thinning Scissors

Since Tondeo has been manufacturing professional hairdressing scissors for almost 100 years, many hairdressers around the world have used Tondeo scissors. The main reason is Tondeo's know-how, which cannot be invented. For several decades Tondeo scissors have been brought up to date so that hairdressers can perform modern cutting techniques with Tondeo scissors. New technologies are being developed to make the work of hairdressers easier! This is who has created the success of Tondeo for so many years. Tondeo thinning scissors are made 100% in Germany to guarantee unique manufacturing quality. Like many hairdressers, opt for Tondeo thinning scissors to enhance your haircuts!

Choose your Tondeo Thinning Scissors According to Your Needs and Expectations!

Some Tondeo scissors exist in several variants, such as the Tondeo Mythos scissors : an emblematic range from Tondeo Solingen. The best advice we can give you is to choose your hair scissors (hair cutting or thinning) according to your needs! If you use thinning scissors a lot, it is advisable to have 2 pairs: 1 to get into the mass and 1 to finish your haircuts. Conversely, some hairdressers hardly use thinning scissors anymore, in which case an extra pair will do the trick. Still choose quality thinning scissors if you want to keep them over time.