Top 10 meilleurs cadeaux pour coiffeur

Looking to gift a hairstylist but don't know what to give? This article is for you!

We know exactly what gifts hairstylists appreciate. From training to hairstyling tools and scissors, we'll cover all the gifts that will delight hairstylists.

Depending on your budget and your relationship with the hairstylist, you'll find the perfect gift.

The best gifts for a hairstylist:

  • Hairstyling scissors
  • A high-performance hairdryer
  • A personalized hairstyling apron
  • High-end brushes
  • Advanced techniques training
  • A hairstyling tool kit
  • A scalp massager
  • A razor with interchangeable blades
  • Salon equipment
  • Subscriptions to hairstyling magazines

Let's dive deeper into each of these gifts for hairstylists!

1. Hairstyling Scissors

Starting with the best gift for a hairstylist: quality hairstyling scissors. But why is it the ultimate gift? Let me explain.

Scissors are like a hairstylist's magic wand. It's the tool that makes the difference between an okay cut and a masterpiece. Quality scissors change a hairstylist's life. They make work more precise, smoother, and save the wrists (trust me, after 8 hours of cutting, you'll feel it…).

But here's the problem: buying good scissors for hairstylists is expensive. We're talking €100 to €1000 for high-end scissors.

The result? Many hairstylists dream of exceptional scissors but settle for basic models because of the budget.

Gifting Scissors to a Hairstylist

This is where you come in with your gift! Imagine your hairstylist's face when they unwrap their pair of Japanese hair scissors made of high-quality steel. It's like giving a car enthusiast a Rolls-Royce… Sparkling eyes, emotion, you're guaranteed to make them happy!

Choosing the Right Scissors to Gift

To choose the right pair of scissors for a hairstylist, keep these 4 criteria in mind:

  • The ideal size: 5.5 or 6 inches, the most versatile
  • Japanese steel: the best for hairstyling scissors
  • Ergonomics: choose an ergonomic model (offset)
  • The best brands: Takai, Jaguar, Tondeo, or Joewell

Don't hesitate to pool resources with others for this gift. It's an investment, but the hairstylist will be the happiest person in the world unwrapping it!

hair scissors

2. High-Performance Hairdryer

After scissors, the hairdryer is probably the most used tool by hairstylists. A good professional model is like going from a 2CV to a Formula 1. It dries faster, damages the hair less, and lasts for years!

Aim for brands like Dyson or GHD to really please. Sure, it's a budget, but it's the kind of gift that makes a difference daily.

If your budget is limited, opt for brands like Velectra or TGR, which are also appreciated in salons.

3. A Personalized Hairstyling Apron

A personalized apron is both practical and stylish for hairstylists. Opt for a leather or suede model to ensure durability, with the hairstylist's name or logo embroidered on it.

Important: It must be waterproof and resistant to hairstyling products. Remember, they will probably wear it for a large part of the day, so choose a quality model. This kind of detail always pleases hairstylists.

4) High-End Brushes

Gifting a complete set of professional brushes can also make a hairstylist happy. It's a wear-and-tear tool, so they need to change them often. For quality brushes, look for brands and models like:

  • Olivia Garden's "fingerbrush"
  • Centaure: the whole range is good
  • YS Park's "Curl Shine"
  • Tondeo's "Atelier" range

Include different types of brushes to cover all their needs. You can find professional brush kits online at reasonable prices. The main thing is that they are for hairstylists and not just supermarket brushes…

5) Advanced Techniques Training

Training is key in the hairstyling profession. It's partly how hairstylists progress and adopt new methods. Usually, buying professional training is quite costly, so it can be an excellent gift!

A masterclass in advanced colorimetry or new cutting techniques offers new skills to the hairstylist. If you don't know the hairstylist's schedule, don't hesitate to ask them beforehand or opt for online training.

6) A Hairstyling Tool Kit

A complete hairstyling tool kit is like giving a well-stocked toolbox to a passionate DIYer. It can really make a difference in a hairstylist's daily routine. Here's what a good kit should include:

  • Different combs (tail, detangler, teasing)
  • Sturdy and reliable sectioning clips
  • Various brushes (flat and round)
  • A product-resistant apron
  • A comfortable cutting cape for clients

The advantage of giving a hairstyling tool kit is that even if the hairstylist already has some tools, having spare tools is always useful! And who knows, you might include a tool they haven't tried yet.

7) A Scalp Massager

This gift is for smaller budgets, but it's worth mentioning because it could please the hairstylist. A scalp massager is the kind of gadget that impresses clients or relaxes the hairstylist during breaks.

Yes, cutting hair all day long makes a little scalp massage nice. Plus, it can turn a simple shampoo into a spa experience. And believe me, clients love it!

8) A Razor with Interchangeable Blades

A good razor is perfect for hairstylists who love precision and is essential for successful haircuts. With their razor, hairstylists can create fades, designs on short hair, or even shape beards with precision.

Here's why it's a great gift:

  • Interchangeable blades: easy to replace
  • More hygienic: blades can be changed
  • Ideal for finishing touches: impossible with scissors
  • Barbering is increasingly popular in salons

Choose a model from a recognized brand like Jaguar or Takai and remember that hairstylists love quality tools because they make their daily work easier.

razor for hairstylists

9) Salon Equipment

Sometimes, the best gift for a hairstylist is to improve their work environment. Here are some equipment ideas that can make a real difference:

  • An ergonomic hairstyling chair
  • A mobile hairstyling station
  • A professional lighting system
  • A UV tool sterilizer
  • A footrest for the styling chair

The advantage of this type of gift is that it benefits not only the hairstylist but also their clients. However, most of these items are quite expensive.

10) Subscriptions to Hairstyling Magazines

Lastly, a subscription to a hairstyling magazine is an excellent way to keep a hairstylist up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Here are some great magazines to consider:

  • Estetica
  • Hair's How
  • American Salon
  • Modern Salon

This is an inexpensive gift but very useful, as it provides continuous inspiration.

Conclusion: The Best Gift for a Hairstylist

You now have the top 10 gifts that hairstylists truly appreciate. But remember, the best gift is the one that shows you understand and value their passion for hairstyling.

If you want to make a big impression with your gift, hairstyling scissors are by far the perfect gift for a hairstylist. It will help them develop their cutting techniques and maybe one day become a famous hairdressers. It's an investment in their art, their work comfort, and their professional development, and they will appreciate it!

So, which gift will you choose? No matter what, the important thing is the thought. Showing a hairstylist that you value their work and creativity is already a wonderful gift.