Top 10 coiffeurs célèbres

From France to United States, the world is full of hair talents who have left their mark on the hairdressing industry with their creativity, expertise and unique style.

Here are the 10 most famous hairdressers, who have captured the hearts of celebrities and beauty lovers around the world.

  • Christophe Robin: Expert in natural hair color.
  • Alexandre de Paris: Hairdresser to the stars, icon of French hairstyling.
  • David Mallett: Parisian hairstylist renowned for his modernity.
  • Laurent Decreton: Hair expert and hair consultant.
  • Charlie Le Mindu: Eccentric and creative hair stylist.
  • Raphaël Perrier: 4-time world hairdressing champion.
  • Jean Louis David: International hairstyling pioneer.
  • Franck Provost: Iconic hairstylist and color expert.
  • Jacques Dessange: Creator of the famous hair salons.
  • Vidal Sassoon: Revolutionary hairstylist of the 1960s.

Let's take a closer look at each of these internationally renowned star hairdressers!

10. Christophe Robin - The Master of Color and Hair Care

Christophe Robin Hairdresser

Christophe Robin is an internationally renowned French hairstylist, renowned for his unrivaled expertise in hair color and care. Originally from France, he discovered his passion for hair at a young age, and his career has been marked by an unwavering dedication to the art of hairstyling.

Nicknamed "the master of color", Christophe Robin is famous for his revolutionary hair coloring techniques. Its innovative approach emphasizes natural, hair-friendly methods, creating personalized shades that enhance each client's complexion and personality. With his mastery of pigments and in-depth knowledge of hair textures, he has styled some of the most high-profile personalities in the entertainment and fashion industry.

But that's not all, Christophe Robin is also a hair care expert. He has developed a range of high-end products, appreciated for its use of natural and botanical ingredients. These unique formulas are designed to nourish, protect and repair hair, restoring shine and vitality.

With luxury hair salons based in Paris and beyond, Christophe Robin offers a tailor-made experience for each client, ensuring their needs and desires are met with meticulous attention to detail.

Salon Christophe Robin

His talent and avant-garde vision have earned him international recognition, and he is often in demand at prestigious fashion shows and world-class events. Additionally, he shares his expertise through training and collaborations with other hairstylists, helping to shape the next generation of hair talents.

9. Alexandre de Paris - The Icon of High-end Hairdressing

Alexandre De Paris Hairdresser

Alexandre de Paris, whose real name is Louis Alexandre Raimon, is a legend of French hairdressing, recognized throughout the world for his timeless elegance and refined style. Born in 1922, he began his career as a hairdresser at a young age and quickly became a master of his art.

Nicknamed "the king of hairdressing", Alexandre de Paris is famous for his sophisticated creations which have seduced royalty, celebrities and fashion icons. His exceptional talent has made him the preferred hairstylist of the most prestigious personalities, and his elegant hairstyles have marked the fashion industry for decades.

Her distinctive style is characterized by classic and graceful hairstyles, highlighting the natural beauty of women. Alexandre de Paris is particularly known for his iconic updos, updos and stylish hair accessories, which have been adopted by women around the world.

By founding his own hair salon in Paris in the 1950s, Alexandre de Paris became one of the first hairdressers to create a prestigious international brand. Its name has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication, attracting a loyal and international clientele.

In addition to his salon work, Alexandre de Paris has also collaborated with major couturiers and world-renowned fashion houses, creating hairstyles that complemented the iconic creations of haute couture runways. He also founded a hair academy that trains hair artists every year.


Although he passed away in 2008, Alexandre de Paris' legacy continues to shine in the hair industry. Her timeless designs and refined approach continue to influence modern hair trends. As a true icon of high-end hairstyling, Alexandre de Paris will remain a source of inspiration for hairstylists and beauty lovers around the world. His name is engraved in the history of hairdressing as one of the masters of French elegance.



8. David Mallett - The Haute Couture Hair Artist

David Mallet Hairdresser

David Mallet is an internationally renowned hairstylist, whose name is synonymous with creativity and refinement in the hairdressing industry. Based in Paris, he is a key figure in fashion shows, prestigious photo shoots and international artistic events.

Originally from Australia, David Mallet has won the hearts of the Parisian scene thanks to his exceptional talent and minimalist approach. Her distinctive style is characterized by tailored cuts, sophisticated hairstyles and natural looks that enhance each client's natural beauty.

By collaborating with major fashion houses and fashion designers, David Mallet created iconic hairstyles that set fashion trends. His artistic work and ability to merge fashion and hairstyling make him a visionary designer in the industry.

Beyond his catwalk creations, David Mallet is also known for his luxury hair care products. Her hair salon in Paris offers a premium experience, where each client is taken care of by a team of talented and dedicated hairstylists.

Salon David Mallet

Her creative and innovative approach continues to influence contemporary hair trends and redefine the standards of elegance in the beauty world. As a maestro of haute couture hairdressing, David Mallet will remain an essential reference for lovers of fashion and hairdressing around the world.


7. Laurent Decreton - The Artist of Sublime Colors

Laurent Decreton Hairdresser

Laurent Decreton is a French hairstylist renowned for his exceptional coloring expertise. His mastery of pigments and his boundless creativity make him an artist of sublime colors, whose work is highly appreciated in the hairdressing industry.

Collaborating with celebrities, models and influencers, Laurent Decreton has created bespoke shades that highlight each individual's natural beauty. Her personalized approach allows her to understand the wants and needs of her clients, delivering spectacular, tailor-made results with each visit.

Laurent Decreton is known for his ability to push the boundaries of coloring, using innovative techniques and bold shades. Her work is often featured in fashion photo shoots, haute couture shows and prestigious magazines, helping to define the hair trends of the moment.

In addition to his artistic talent, Laurent Decreton is a hairdresser dedicated to the satisfaction of his clients. Her professional and warm approach allows her to build strong ties with her clients, who regularly return to her salons to benefit from her unique skills.

Salon Laurent Decreton

As a trainer, Laurent Decreton also shares his know-how with young aspiring hairdressers and industry professionals, thus helping to raise the level of hairdressing in the field of coloring.

6. Charlie Le Mindu - The Visionary of Extravagant Hairstyles

Charlie Le Mindu Hairdresser

Charlie Le Mindu is an extraordinary French hairstylist, known for his avant-garde approach and extravagant hair creations. Originally from Paris, he has established himself as a true hairstyling visionary, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in this field.

Her bold and unconventional style is characterized by eccentric hairstyles and hair designs that are art. Using unusual materials and innovative techniques, he transforms hair into true works of art that defy convention and captivate attention.

Charlie Le Mindu is particularly known for his collaborations with world-renowned fashion houses, where his eccentric hairstyles add a touch of madness and magic to haute couture shows.

Charlie Le Mindu Hairstyle

Beyond his artistic creations, Charlie Le Mindu has also created hairstyles for artists, musicians and entertainment personalities, which has earned him international recognition and a diverse and star-studded clientele.

His forward-thinking spirit and passion for experimentation continue to inspire hairstylists and artists around the world. By pushing the boundaries of creativity in hairstyling, Charlie Le Mindu is a source of inspiration for those looking to think outside the box and create hair works that transcend the ordinary.

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5. Raphaël Perrier - A Talented and Award-Winning Hairdresser

Raphael Perrier Hairdresser

Raphaël Perrier is a renowned French hairstylist, widely recognized for his exceptional talent and remarkable contribution to the hairdressing industry. Originally from France, he stood out for his technical know-how and his passion for his profession.

His expertise in hairdressing has earned him numerous awards and recognitions during his career. His dedication to perfection and attention to detail have been praised by his peers, making him a talented and award-winning hairstylist in the industry.

In addition to his remarkable work in the salon, Raphaël Perrier is also involved in training and mentoring future hairdressers. He generously shares his knowledge and experience with the new generation of professionals, thus helping to raise the level of hairdressing and guaranteeing a talented next generation.

His personalized approach and artistic sense make each appointment at the Raphaël Perrier salon a unique experience. He listens carefully to his clients and strives to create cuts and hairstyles that enhance their natural beauty.

Salon Raphael Perrier

Raphaël Perrier is also an advocate for the importance of hair care and hair health. It emphasizes the use of quality products and hair-friendly techniques, thereby helping to preserve and improve the hair health of its clients.

In summary, Raphaël Perrier is a talented hairdresser who has stood out for his technical expertise, his attention to detail and his passion for hairdressing. His influence in the industry is felt through his elegant and modern designs, his commitment to training and his role as an ambassador for quality hairdressing. His name is synonymous with excellence in the art of hairstyling, and he continues to leave his mark on the industry as a respected and award-winning professional.

4. Jean-Louis David - The Visionary of Modern Hairdressing

Jean Louis David Hairdresser

Jean Louis David is a legend of French hairdressing, whose name has become an essential reference in the industry. Born in Belgium, he opened his first hair salon in Paris in 1961, marking the start of a career that would revolutionize the world of hairdressing.

His avant-garde and innovative style quickly distinguished him from other hairdressers of the time. Jean Louis David was a visionary, precursor of short and modern cuts which broke with the traditional and rigid hairstyles of the time.

Jean Louis David's success has been phenomenal, with a rapid expansion of its hair salons across the world. His influence in the industry has grown over the years, and he has become a reference for new trends and hairstyling techniques.

His signature haircuts, like the fade and bob, have been adopted by celebrities and fashion icons, propelling the Jean Louis David brand to the top of the industry.

Today, the name Jean Louis David is associated with an international hairdressing brand, with salons in many countries. Jean Louis David's legacy continues to thrive through a team of talented hairstylists who carry on his vision and focus on innovation.

3. Franck Provost - The International Hairdressing Entrepreneur

Franck Provost Hairdresser

Frank Provost is a French hairdresser and entrepreneur whose name has become an iconic brand in the hairdressing industry. Born in France, he began his career as a hairdresser at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the art of hairdressing.

In 1975, Frank Provost opened his first salon in Paris, marking the start of a meteoric rise in the industry. His personalized approach and technical skills quickly attracted a loyal clientele, and he quickly gained notoriety in France and abroad.

Over the years, Frank Provost has developed his eponymous brand, becoming one of the major players in international hairdressing. Its premium hair salons are present in many countries, providing a luxury and quality experience to its diverse clientele.

Salon Franck Provost

Its expertise in cutting and styling adapts to all styles and needs, whether for classic and elegant cuts or modern and daring looks.

In addition to his salon work, Frank Provost has also created his own line of hair products, with innovative formulas for hair care and beauty. These high-quality products are highly appreciated by the brand's customers, allowing them to extend the benefits of professional hairdressing at home.

2. Jacques Dessange - The Icon of French Hair Art

Jacques Dessange Hairdresser

Jacques Dessange is a legendary French hairdresser, whose name has become an essential reference in the world of hairdressing. Born in 1925 in Souesmes, France, he opened his first salon in Paris in 1954, marking the start of an extraordinary career in the beauty industry.

His elegant and sophisticated style, coupled with his unrivaled talent for creating flattering cuts, quickly attracted a prestigious clientele of influencers, celebrities and members of high society. His avant-garde vision revolutionized hairdressing in France, thus helping to shape the trends of the time.

In 1963, Jacques Dessange created one of the emblematic cuts that marked the history of hairdressing: the “cut-degraded” hairstyle. This bold and elegant creation has become one of the most iconic cuts of the 20th century, bringing a touch of modernity and sophistication to the traditional hairstyle.

Jacques Dessange is also known for his brand which has developed internationally. Its luxury hair salons are present in many countries, offering a premium hairstyling experience to a loyal and diverse clientele.

Dessange Coiffure

In addition to his talents as a hairdresser, Jacques Dessange is an industry visionary. He created a line of hair products, treatments and colorings that bear his name, allowing customers to extend the benefits of professional hairdressing at home.

Jacques Dessange is also involved in training and passing on his know-how. He founded the "Jacques Dessange" school where he shares his expertise with budding hairdressers, thus contributing to the evolution of the profession and the inspiration of the new generation of talents.

1. Vidal Sassoon - The Revolutionary of Modern Hairdressing

Vidal Sassoon Hairdresser

Vidal Sassoon was a legendary British hairdresser, whose name is synonymous with revolution in the modern hairdressing industry. Born in 1928 in London, he began his career as an apprentice hairdresser at the age of 14, but his dedication and talent quickly propelled him to the top of the industry.

In the 1960s, Vidal Sassoon introduced a revolutionary new style that transformed hair styling forever. He broke away from the traditional, voluminous hairstyles of the time to create clean, structured geometric cuts. His designs, notably the iconic "bob" cut, took the fashion world by storm and became symbols of the Swinging Sixties era.

Vidal Sassoon's cutting technique, characterized by sharp lines and precise angles, was not only aesthetically appealing, but it also allowed women of the time to wear stylish, easy-to-maintain hairstyles. This innovative approach democratized hairdressing and made sophisticated cuts accessible to a wider audience.

Its influence extended far beyond Britain. He opened salons around the world and trained new hairdressers in his revolutionary technique. Vidal Sassoon has become an international icon, recognized and respected in the hairdressing industry.

Even after his passing in 2012, his legacy lives on. Vidal Sassoon remains a source of inspiration for many hairstylists and continues to influence modern hairdressing trends. His name is associated with innovation, elegance and the revolution in hair art. Vidal Sassoon will forever be remembered in hairstyling history as a true revolutionary who forever changed the way we perceive and approach modern hairstyling.

Vidal Sassoon Academy

These famous hairdressers from France have helped shape the hairdressing industry with their creativity, talent and dedication to their craft. Whether working with celebrities, models or everyday clients, their passion for hair beauty continues to inspire and influence the fashion and beauty industry in France and around the world.