Takai Scissors

Takai Scissors

Discover the Takai Japanese scissors collection and enhance your haircuts with these high-quality Japanese cutting tools! For more than 30 years, Takai Technology has been innovating to offer ever more cutting pleasure to hairdressers.

Advantages of Takai Technology Scissors

At Takai Technology there are no compromises! Hairdressing scissors are made in Japan and checked in the workshop. We appreciate Takai for their quality scissors and for the service they provide to hairdressers. Here are some advantages exclusive to the Takai Technology scissor brand:

  • 2 sharpenings offered on all Takai hair scissors
  • Japanese steels carefully selected for an efficient and durable cutting edge
  • Japanese hair scissors, shaped and sharpened entirely in Japan
  • More than 30 years of experience in hair scissors
  • Sharpening workshop for fast and efficient service

The Different Types of Takai Scissors

All Takai scissors are considered high-end Japanese scissors. Some models are better suited to different cutting techniques than other models. The different shapes help you choose scissors that suit you. Some hairdressers like classic shapes and others prefer ergonomically shaped scissors. Opt for fine-tipped scissors to be efficient in slicing, conversely use thick blades for slicing through the mass! Some models are designed to be versatile and therefore combine these two cutting requirements. In a lower range, Dune scissors are renowned as good quality scissors, at a lower cost!

Takai: High-tech Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

By using Takai hair scissors , you are guaranteed to cut with genuine Japanese hairdressing scissors. These scissors are effective and durable over time, which is what many hairdressers appreciate: the durability of Takai scissors. Few brands offer scissors that last so long in good condition! Now that you know everything about Takai scissors, all you have to do is choose the model that suits you. Takai Technology scissors are yours!