Kamisori Shears

Discover the largest selection of Kamisori shears! Kamisori is a benchmark brand in Japanese shears. Their scissors are of the highest quality, providing a clean, precise cut. The promise of the Kamisori Shears brand is to offer hairdressers the best hair-cutting tools in the world.

Advantages of Kamisori Scissors

Kamisori Shears invests in research and technology to offer ever more innovative hair scissors. Kamisori scissors are handcrafted by artisans who have mastered age-old manufacturing methods. To guarantee superior quality, Kamisori Shears uses the finest materials and high-grade metals combined with this unique know-how. Over 93 manufacturing steps are required to produce a pair of Kamisori scissors.

The result: light, ergonomic hair scissors that are a pleasure to use. If you're looking for even more ergonomic scissors, take a look at Exthand scissors, which are ringless (to combat muscle tensions).

Kamisori Japanese scissors: superior quality

This prestigious brand has been around for over 20 years and has won numerous hairdressing competitions, making it a must-have for passionate hairdressers! Every scissors are hand-sharpened to guarantee impeccable sharpness, and the ability to perform different cutting techniques. Kamisori shears are recommended by hairdressers the world over for their perfect balance and unrivalled sharpness.

Committed to hairdresser satisfaction, Kamisori Shears offers a lifetime guarantee on all its scissors. Whether you're a young hairdresser or a hair artist, you'll find what you're looking for in Kamisori scissors.

The Best Ranges of Kamisori Shears

Kamisori has developed 3 ranges of hair scissors, each with its own particular features and uses. These are the scissor ranges so appreciated by hairdressers who are fans of Japanese scissors:

  • Damascus Collection: models crafted one by one by specialized blacksmiths according to ancestral Japanese know-how.
  • Dragons Collection: each pair of scissors is built from the results of years of study and testing for well-balanced, precise scissors.
  • Titanium Collection: the perfect scissors for expressing your creativity.

The most popular is the Dragons collection, with its many models of top-of-the-range scissors for perfecting your haircuts in total confidence.

Express your hair creativity with Kamisori Shears

Trust Kamisori for your hair scissors needs and unleash your creativity with confidence! Discover our Kamisori shears at the best price, and let yourself be seduced by Japanese know-how, embodied in exceptional materials and Kamisori's own ancestral manufacturing techniques.