Gold Jaguar Hair Scissors

Do you like colorful Jaguar hair scissors? Then, the golden Jaguar hair scissors are made for you! These are the only Jaguar scissors equipped with a gold edge!

Our Different Jaguar Golden Hair Scissors

The Jaguar golden hair scissors are among the best sellers of the year 2021 of all Jaguar scissors, and yes it is an international success for this range of Jaguar scissors! Many hairdressers have been won over by this range of Jaguar scissors with gold-coated edges. Each pair of scissors that has gold edges corresponds to a fashion of the day. Here are the main models in this range:

  • Jaguar Gold Rush OR scissors : Bestseller of the year 2021, this pair of scissors undoubtedly appeals to hairdressers.
  • Jaguar Moonlight Garden GOLD scissors : Multicolored coating, decorated with flowers, this model is very popular with hairdressers.
  • Jaguar Sweet Daisy OR scissors : Girly spirit with these floral scissors with a pale pink coating that is very popular with young hairdressers.
  • Jaguar Golden Blossom GOLD Scissors : A little more sober than the other models, it is blue and gold for a chic feel.
  • Jaguar Mystic Rose GOLD scissors : This time they are black and white, flowery, always with gold coated blades and a chic appearance.

Special Feature of Jaguar Golden Scissors

With this range of new generation scissors, hairdressers have access to very stylish and chic Jaguar scissors! The downside to this range of Jaguar scissors is that they cannot be sharpened. However, Jaguar has thought about it by defining the price of these scissors which is affordable. Currently there are 7 pairs of Jaguar scissors with gold-coated edges. The high-end spirit adorns each pair of scissors in this range, but the price is reasonable for scissors with blades coated with real gold leaf! In the same spirit but without gold, you have the Jaguar Pastell Plus scissors : an emblematic range of colored scissors from Jaguar Solingen.

Advantages of Golden Sharp Jaguar Scissors

You have understood, the design is the main advantage of this range of Jaguar scissors. The lifespan of the coating is long so that you can keep your pair of scissors over time. Maintaining Jaguar OR scissors is quick and easy. The use is simple and intuitive so that they are suitable for all hairdressers.