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Do you want to maximize the life of your hair scissors? Know how to sharpen them correctly? You are in the right place ! We address this subject in this article, and we reveal the best techniques for sharpening your hair scissors or increasing their durability.

In this article you will find:

  • Sharpening techniques to preserve the sharpness of your scissors
  • Our professional tips for properly cleaning your scissors
  • How to increase the life of your hairdressing scissors
  • Objects that can be used without a big budget and from home

Sharpening your hair scissors will no longer have any secrets for you at the end of this article. So let's find out together how to sharpen and clean your scissors like a pro, let's get started!

What is sharpening hair scissors?

Hair scissors are the essential (and main) tool of any hairdresser, whether you are a professional or an apprentice. Having your scissors in good condition is a significant first step towards creating your haircuts in the best conditions.

However, over time, all scissors eventually wear out. Although our pairs last for several years, it is possible to optimize their quality over time in order to increase their longevity. In fact, all pairs end up cutting less, rusting or simply getting damaged.

1. Have the sharpening done by a professional

First of all, we must remind you that it is essential to go to a professional to sharpen your hair scissors, especially when they are quality scissors like those you will find on our store.

Hairdressing scissors are fragile and require special treatment, which you can find in professional salons or at authorized resellers. Don't take sharpening lightly!

A) Do not sharpen your scissors yourself!

Sharpening a pair of professional hairdressing scissors is delicate and requires adequate practice as well as much more sophisticated tools than those we will mention in this article. Sharpening a classic pair of scissors or those for small budgets is possible at home, but an expensive pair of high quality design will absolutely have to be handled by a professional. In addition, sharpening, however technical it may be, will not be identical depending on each brand of scissors.

B) Where should I go to have my scissors sharpened?

We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your pair of scissors, or the supplier from whom you purchased the pair. Only the manufacturer or an approved craftsman will know how to sharpen your blades without damaging them.

If you go through the seller, specify the brand of your scissors and say that you would like this pair to be sharpened by the manufacturer directly. Here are some examples :

Sharpening Tondeo scissors

For Tondeo scissors, contact the supplier located in Germany, more precisely in Solingen. The processing time for your scissors will be approximately 3 weeks.

Sharpening Jaguar scissors

Like Tondeo, Jaguar scissors are headquartered in Solingen, Germany. Turn your scissors over so they can sharpen them. 20 day deadline.

Sharpening Takai scissors

Contact them directly from their website ( It is a French brand whose workshop is located in Fréjus. The delivery time is approximately 1 week.

C) Absolutely avoid sharpening Japanese scissors

Japanese scissors are very difficult to sharpen. Very few artisans in the world know how to perfectly master the art of Hamaguri sharpening (traditional Japanese sharpening technique).

Avoid sharpening your Japanese scissors, even if they are inexpensive.

In the case of a low-budget pair, you can go with a more standard sharpener, like a knife sharpener for example. On the other hand, for a high-end pair as is the case with Takai, you will have to go through the manufacturer to have your scissors sharpened. The longevity of your scissors depends on it! Only the brand will be able to reproduce the techniques used during manufacturing in Japan.

You will have understood that home sharpening of your pair of hairdressing scissors should be avoided. Go through a professional, see the manufacturer of your scissors directly, especially for Japanese scissors!

If, however, you wish to take the plunge at your own risk into sharpening your pair of hair scissors despite our warnings, here are the different techniques available.

2) Sharpen hairdressing scissors correctly

Let's start by seeing together how to properly sharpen your professional scissors by discovering the different sharpening techniques to protect your scissors from humidity, the passage of time or simply intensive use.

hairdressing scissor kits

A) The different sharpening techniques

1) Sandpaper to sharpen your chisel

Sandpaper is perfect for sharpening scissors. Although its primary use is mainly linked to polishing wood, it is nonetheless ideal and inexpensive for keeping your scissors sharp for years. Using sandpaper to sharpen your scissors is simple:

  • Start by folding the sandpaper in half.
  • Leave the grainy side of the sandpaper on the outside
  • Cut the sandpaper to make several lengthwise strips.
  • Use scissors you want to sharpen.
  • Repeat the operation if the blades of your scissors are not sharp enough.
  • Once your pair is sharp enough, clean it with a damp cloth.

And there you have it, your pair will cut like the first day!

Sandpaper is a simple, quick and inexpensive solution for sharpening your hair scissors. The idea is to carry out (automatic) sharpening each time you cut strips of paper with your scissors.

2) Sharpen your scissors with aluminum foil

Another solution than glass paper but just as effective, aluminum foil also allows you to sharpen your pair of scissors. How ? In a few quick steps:

  • Start by folding your aluminum foil (a sheet the size of a dish you want to cover is enough) 3 or 4 times.
  • Cut the aluminum into several lengthwise strips with your pair of sharpening scissors.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary
  • Once your pair is sharp, clean with a warm cloth.

And There you go, simple and quick!

As you will have understood, the technique of using aluminum foil is exactly the same as that of using glass paper. This is an (economical) solution if you don't have sandpaper on hand.

3) The sharpening stone

Let's now discover the most expensive but also the most effective solution for sharpening your pair of scissors: the sharpening stone.

Place the scissors on your cloth and lubricate them with water (you can also use edible oil if you have it but water will be more than enough).

  • Use a screwdriver to completely disassemble your pair of scissors.
  • Sharpen the inside of one of your two blades with the whetstone.
  • Do the same with the other blade.
  • Finish by sharpening the exterior face of your two blades.
  • Bring up your scissors.
  • Clean the few remaining particles with a damp cloth.

Your scissors are now sharper than ever and will last longer! This technique is the longest and requires a trip to a DIY store , but also the most effective over time.

4) The glass jar, a little-known tool for sharpening scissors

Yes, we are talking about the glass jar used as a kitchen container. In fact, it also allows you to quickly and urgently sharpen scissors. Here's how :

  • Spread your blades well.
  • Place them perpendicularly against your glass jar.
  • Wiggle your blades (as if you were cutting paper). Repeat until desired sharpness is achieved.
  • Clean your scissors with a damp cloth.

see our cutting scissors

Having sharp scissors no longer holds any secrets for you!

You now have all the different techniques you can use at a lower cost to sharpen your scissors. With all this information, you will be able to give your hair scissors a second lease of life.

Remember that maintenance is essential, regardless of the quality of your scissors, in order to allow them to last over time. It is better to take a few minutes every week to take care of your scissors rather than having to go to the checkout every year for negligence.

If you have any questions about maintenance or sharpening for a specific type of scissors, do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Thanks for reading. Do not hesitate to discover how to best maintain your scissors via our dedicated article. These are good practices for cleaning and maintaining your hair scissors so that they last over time.