Tondeo Mythos Scissors

Tondeo Mythos scissors : iconic range of Tondeo hairdressers' scissors, are high-end hair scissors , designed and manufactured 100% in Germany!

Advantages of Tondeo Mythos Scissors

The Tondeo Mythos scissors have been one of the Tondeo bestsellers for over 30 years. These are high-end hairdressing scissors, designed and manufactured 100% in Germany. The success of this range of Tondeo scissors is based on the efficiency and lifespan of these prestigious scissors ! Indeed, the Tondeo Mythos scissors are considered one of the best Tondeo scissors. Here are the advantages of this range of hair scissors:

  • Several variations for the same model
  • Scissors made 100% Germany
  • New Tondeo "Conblade" cutting edge
  • High-end steel exclusively
  • Exceptional lifespan
  • Unique cutting quality

It is therefore these advantages that appeal to hairdressers. Tondeo Mythos scissors have an almost infinite lifespan. The high-end steel used for these pairs of scissors can be sharpened and forged several times, so you are sure to keep your Tondeo scissors over time, and in good condition!

The Different Tondeo Hair Scissors

The Tondeo scissor collection is made up of different ranges of scissors. The Tondeo Mythos scissors are part of the Premium range from Tondeo. These are the best Tondeo hair scissors. Here are the different ranges of Tondeo scissors:

  • Tondeo A line scissors
  • Tondeo C line scissors
  • Tondeo E line scissors
  • Tondeo S line scissors
  • Tondeo Premium scissors

The Tondeo Mythos are part of the Premium line. Tondeo Premium scissors are of rare quality and last over time. The Conblade edge present on this range of scissors allows you to perform all types of haircuts including the Slice and thinning methods, which is why they are appreciated!

Tondeo Mythos Scissors : Iconic Scissors from Tondeo Solingen!

You have understood, Tondeo Mythos scissors are aimed at experienced hairdressers who are looking for high-end hair scissors, effective in all circumstances! This is the case with the Tondeo Mythos which adapt to your cutting techniques and which make your work as a hairdresser easier.