Texturizing scissors

Discover the best selection of texturizing scissors ! But what are texturizing scissors? This is a range of thinning ou texturizing scissors ideal for gently removing material, you have the texturizing scissors of your dreams!

Our Different Types of texturizing Scissors

As you can see, thinning scissors are used to sculpt the hair in a certain way, in order to gently remove material. For this, categories of hairdressing scissors exist. Be careful to use texturizing scissors that correspond to the haircut you want to make! In fact, not all thinning scissors are texturizing scissors. Here are different types of texturizing scissors:

  • Texturizing scissors : Known for their wide teeth, they are used to remove a lot of material in order to create unstructured haircuts, to be handled with precision.
  • Thinning scissors : These are the versatile thinning scissors that we call texturizing scissors. With these scissors you can perform different thinnings.
  • Sculpting scissors : This is the general name we give to thinning scissors, they include all types of thinning scissors for finishing your haircuts.

How to choose Texturizing Scissors?

Depending on your requirements and your level of experience in hairdressing, different types of texturizing scissors will suit you! It's up to you to choose the scissors that match your thinning methods. Some hairdressers no longer use thinning scissors at all. Conversely, other hairdressers find them essential for perfecting a haircut in good conditions! You can also use a hair scissors sets to have different pairs of scissors available.

Texturizing Scissors are Designed to Remove More Hair than Traditional Thinning Scissors