Jaguar Pastell Plus Scissors

Jaguar Pastell Plus scissors are popular with hairdressers! These are colorful Jaguar scissors. Discover our Jaguar Pastell Plus scissors !

Our Jaguar Pastell Plus Scissors

The Jaguar Pastell Plus range is appreciated by young hairdressers and hairdressers for their different colors available! Indeed, the design and colors are very popular with young hairdressers who have a wide choice among various colors of Jaguar hairdressing scissors. The Jaguar Pastell Plus scissors are 2 shapes of scissors (classic or ergonomic) which exist in different colors, to choose according to everyone's tastes!

Jaguar Pastell Plus Scissor Colors

As you can see, the Jaguar Pastell Plus range is made up of different colors for the same pair of Jaguar scissors. Here are the variants of Jaguar scissors available in this range of colored scissors:

  • Jaguar Pastell Candy Scissors
  • Jaguar Pastell Rosé Scissors
  • Jaguar Pastell Viola Scissors
  • Jaguar Pastell Lava Scissors
  • Jaguar Pastell Coral Scissors

It's up to you to choose the color you like best! We know that hairdressers really like Candy and Rosé colors. The Jaguar Pastell Plus Lava or Black scissors are also appreciated by hairdressers for their chic and sober appearance at the same time!

Advantages of Jaguar Pastell Plus Scissors

Now that you know more about the different variants of these Jaguar scissors, let's take a look at the advantages of this range of scissors. The main advantage is the price and the wide choice. Indeed, thanks to this range of Jaguar scissors, hairdressers have access to a large selection of hair scissors at a reasonable price! In the same spirit, we also recommend the Jaguar Prestyle scissors. The new products each year are also an advantage that hairdressers often tell us about! Indeed, on this range of scissors Jaguar innovates every year by offering new colors to hairdressers! This year, the new color is Berry: a mix between red and burgundy, for the pleasure of hairdressers!