Damascus Scissors

Are you a fan of Damascus hair scissors ? These are true works of art for hairdressers but be careful that they are indeed Damascus steel! Discover our Damascus steel hair shears, and learn more about it!

Advantages of Damascus Steel Hair Shears

The main advantage of hair shears made from Damascus steel is above all durability over time! In fact, Damascus shears last for several decades without any worries! The strength of this category of steel allows you to sharpen several times over time, keeping your shears intact. In addition, the patterns present on Damascus steel are unique for each damascene shears. It is during the composition of the steel that the pattern is created. Here are the other advantages of these exceptional hair shears:

  • Maximum durability (over 10 years on average)
  • Outstanding efficiency (impressive performance)
  • Slice performance (razor edge)
  • Several sharpenings possible (Up to 5 sharpenings)
  • Exceptional design (unique steel patterns)

Special Features of Damascus Scissors for Hairdressers

Damascus steel hair shears are very high quality scissors! Indeed, Damascus steel was used by Japanese Samurai swords to give them unrivaled resistance. Japanese hair shears manufacturers who use Damascus steels are inspired by Katanas, but be careful! Many copies exist... To be sure that it is real Damascus steel, buy from reputable brands that offer high-end hair shears.

Damascus steel is a very particular composition which contains different layers of compressed steel to increase the strength of your hair cutting tool. This is what creates this unique quality in professional hair shears . If you have health concerns related to being a hairdresser, look for ergonomic scissors which are designed to promote the health of hairdressing professionals.

Become a Haircut Samurai by Opting for Damascus Steel Hair Shears!

You have understood, the Damascus steel hair shears are inspired by Samurai swords which are of unique quality! Damascus hair scissors are also of a unique quality, due to the ultra high-end steel used to shape the Damascus steel hair shears.